University of Vermont



Can I Get a refund of the balance of my CAT$cratch account?

A refund will be automatically issued to anyone graduating from the University of Vermont.  The balance of your account minus a $10.00 fee is sent to Student Accounts.  If you owe the University funds they will be deducted before a check is sent to your current address that is on file with the University.  For anyone withdrawing or ending their employment with the University you will need to request a Closing form from the CATcard office and then send it to the CATcard Office for processing.  

How can I get a refund if a washer, dryer or vending machine takes my money and I did not get the product?

For anyone living in a Residence Hall you MUST report the loss to the complex supervisor.  They will need to know what machine, the date and time, how much was deducted from your account.  They will send the information to the CATcard Office for processing.

Last modified May 05 2011 02:46 PM