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CATcard Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CATcard?

CATcard is the name of the identification card at UVM.  It is a picture ID which serves as a library card, meal card and CAT$cratch card.  The CATcard also can be programmed for building access.

Who is eligible for a CATcard?

All actively enrolled students including actively enrolled Continuing Education Students.

  • Faculty/Staff 
  • Temporary employees are eligible but must have a Temporary Staff form filled out. It must be signed by a supervisor and either include a chart string to cover the $5.00 cost of the card or the employee pays the $5.00. If an expiration date is not specified by the supervisor the card will be active for one year from date of production.
  • Spouse or Civil Union partners of benefit-eligible UVM faculty or staff are eligible for a card. You must visit the Human Resource Services office (Waterman Building Room 228) with a copy of the marriage license to pick up the UVM Spouse ID Application, commonly called the "green form." The form must be filled out and signed both by the employee and by a representative of Human Resource Services. The employee need not accompany the spouse or partner to the CATcard office, but the spouse must bring the completed ID form.

When can I get my CATcard?

First year and transfer students are eligible to get their card at orientation or any time thereafter. All other students are eligible to get their CATcard one week before the start of classes.

Faculty and Staff are eligible once they are in the PeopleSoft system.

What does the valid thru date mean on my card?

Before or on the date displayed on your card you will have to come in to our office for a free renewal if eligible. The card will no longer work after the valid thru date has passed.

Does it cost money for a CATcard?

For Students and Faculty/Staff your first CATcard is at no cost.  Check our Rate Schedule for all other prices.

What if I lose my CATcard?

If you are not sure where your card is you can log on to the WEBcard Center to flag it lost. Once it is flagged lost no one can use it until you unflag it. You can also call the CATcard Service Center 656-4509 during business hours, if it is closed call the UVM Police Service at 656-3473. Your card will be turned off so that no one else can use it.  If you find your card go the CATcard Office or Police Services to have it turned back on.  This is at no charge but this must be done in person.  If your card cannot be found, come into the CATcard Office to obtain a new one for $25.00.  Once you have a new one the old one will never work again.  

What if my CATcard is broken or damaged?  

You can turn in your most current card and replace it for $10.00. If you no longer have the most current card it is treated as a lost card and it is a $25.00 charge.  

2016 Re-card Questions:

Do I have to get a new CATcard in 2016?

Yes. Everyone on campus needs the new CATcard. It has contactless technology through a chip embedded in the card. Contactless door readers will replace many magstripe readers on campus beginning in early October and the old card will not work for access.

What is the deadline for getting the new CATcard?

You must get the new card by December 16, 2016.

Is there a charge for the new CATcard?

The first new card is free of charge even if you do not have your old card to hand in. If you lose the new card it is $25.00 to replace it.

The picture and/or name on my new card has faded. What should I do?

Come in to the CATcard office, we will inspect it and issue a new one free of charge if necessary.

Do I have to get a new picture taken?

Yes, if it has been over a year since your last picture was taken.


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