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Fall Semester

ARTS 095B ~ Experimentation and Collaboration in the Arts
CRN: 94022

Instructor: Lynda Reeves McIntyre Professor of Art More . . .

Can a line provoke a dance or can music inform a painting? An active and participatory course rooted in the visual arts and movement, this class will examine the threads and messages that run through and among creative art forms. The course will be a lively combination of historical examination, active art making, and reflective critique. Lab fee $85.00.

Requirements Satisfied: one Fine Arts course
Meets: MW 8:30am-10:20 am

EDSS 055B ~ Arts Initiative Residential Learning Community Foundations Class
CRN: 91261

Instructor: Ann C. Barlow Director of Arts Initiative Residential Learning Community

Tied to Art Initiative's Visiting Artist Series, the class meets once a week and encourages students to participate in lectures, gallery visits, visual and performing art workshops, performances, studio visits, and social gatherings. The Visiting Artist Series invites local, national, and international artists of varied disciplines to discuss their work and process, offering an opportunity for students to explore their interests and experiences by connecting with professional artists. One-credit class.

This course is a suggested class for IFA students.

Requirements Satisfied: one credit towards Electives
Meets: R 5:30pm-6:20pm

FTS 095A ~ Vermont International Film Festival
CRN: 94222

Instructor: Sarah Nilsen Associate Professor of English/Film TV Studies More . . .

This one-credit course uses the annual Vermont International Film Festival as an experience to learn how a film festival works; the role of a film festival in the independent film market; the relationship of a festival and its audience; how a festival is programmed; and the audience experience. Festival dates: October 24-November 2, 2014. One-credit class.

This course is a suggested class for IFA students.

Requirements Satisfied: one credit of Fine Arts
Meets: Two times before and one time and after festival; students are expected to attend festival events

THE 095A ~ Audience and the Critical Eye
CRN: 93929

Instructor: Jeffrey Modereger Professor of Theatre More . . .

Theatre is a form of entertainment where the audience is as important as the actor and the script. In this class we, the audience, study the many facets of live performance by attending productions around the Burlington area. We consider how the play text has been translated into performance by analyzing the choices made by directors, actors, designers, and choreographers. We also consider the kinds of questions the performance asks: What ideas of the play are being communicated? How do those ideas express or connect with our time and place? Is the playwright, director, or choreographer trying to communicate a message, and how have the choices made in the production expressed that message? As the audience, together we engage with the makers of theatre and learn how we are affected by their work. By learning how to be educated audience members, we can better understand what art expects of us. $225.00 lab fee for attending productions.

Requirements Satisfied: one Fine Arts course
Meets: MW 4:05pm-5:20pm

Spring Semester

EDSS 197 ~ Exploring Art and Culture through the Fleming Museum

Instructor: Ann C. Barlow Director Arts Initiative Residential Learning Community

In this class we will explore the relationship between art and culture, culminating with a student-organized exhibit at the Fleming Museum. Through class discussions, research, visiting speakers, and special access to the Fleming's collections, you will learn how to curate, plan and implement a museum exhibition. With an emphasis on exploring the convergence of art and global culture, students will then embark on a team-structured, service-learning project with the Fleming Museum in which they interpret, research, select and organize objects that will be placed in the class designed exhibit; design and install the exhibit; create and implement a marketing campaign; and write interpretive labels among other tasks. One credit class.

This course is a suggested class for IFA students.

Requirements Satisfied: one credit towards Electives
Meets: TBD

ENGS 053G ~ Introduction to Creative Writing (The Palimpsest)

Instructor: Major Jackson Professor of English More . . .

If you have ever read a poem, short story, or play that sparked your interest in imaginative writing, then this course builds off that longing to pen such works of your own that are equally funny, moving, and exploratory of human existence. The aim of this course is to give you the foundational skills and habits to creatively write in multiple genres with hopes that you will begin a life-long journey of self-discovery and thoughtful expression. We write to order our experiences and imbue important moments and thoughts with meaning and permanence. However, it is necessary to apply the strategies of language and form so as to distinguish our lives and elevate our thoughts and observations to the realm of art. Through in-class writing exercises, plenty of reading and class discussion, this course begins your development as a creative writer. Who knows: some day you may be the Poet Laureate of the United States, a best-seller author whose work appears on the New York Times Bestseller, or the hot young playwright with a hit comedic play on Broadway. That journey begins with this course: Introduction to Creative Writing.

Requirements Satisfied: TBD
Meets: TBD

FTS 096 ~ Lane Film Series

Instructor: David Jenemann Associate Professor of English More . . .

The UVM Film Series is a program in partnership with the UVM's Lane Series, Film and Television Studies, and Fleming Museum of Art. Students will attend a theme-based series of four films, accompanied by a lecture by a film and television studies faculty member, and will write papers on each film. One credit class.

This course is a suggested class for IFA students.

Requirements Satisfied: one credit of Fine Arts
Meets: TBD