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President Daniel Mark Fogel
The Greatness within Our Grasp

A Message from President DANIEL MARK FOGEL

We have come to a critical moment in the history of the University of Vermont, an exciting and challenging tipping point that can carry us decisively and permanently into the first rank of American universities. The ground that is ours to seize is lofty. The University of Vermont is poised to stake its claim as one of the nationís leading institutions of higher learning, offering students an exceptional undergraduate experience on the human scale of a liberal arts college coupled with the rich intellectual environment of a world-class research university.

What prepares us for this bold advance?

Our size, our values, our vision, and our times.

The University of Vermont is in an enviable position. Able to offer research and professional opportunities that simply donít exist at most small colleges, Vermontís University at the same time remains free of the drawbacks of the many universities that are too large and impersonal to treat undergraduates as more than numbers and to bring out the individual best in every student.

The University is steeped in the traditions and values of Vermont: practicality, environmental stewardship, civic duty, fairness, social justice, and respect for individuality. It is deep within our ethos to make a difference on the things that matter, from acid rain to drug addiction to the memory of the Holocaust.

Remember that maxim, ďThink globally, act locallyĒ? By educating 39 percent of Vermontís doctors and over a third of its teachers and educational administrators, and by graduating extraordinary alumni whose contributions to society have been recognized with the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize, we have shown it is possible to play important roles simultaneously on the local, national, and international scenes.

Our nature and our experience have prepared us to make a greater contribution than ever before to Vermont, the nation, and the world.

The University of Vermont is enjoying a tremendous surge. Undergraduate applications have risen dramatically, yielding as selective, accomplished, and challenging a student body as UVM has ever known. Research grants and contracts jumped to an all-time high in 2003 of more than $117 million. And if this isnít sufficient proof that our faculty is also extraordinarily accomplished, their work appears frequently in prestigious refereed journals and is widely publicized in the national media.

The goal of The Campaign for the University of Vermont is to capitalize on this momentum. Raising $250 million in private philanthropic support will give UVM the resources and the decisive push to propel it into the ranks of the very best state universities and liberal arts colleges.

If we are to continue to attract stronger and stronger students, we must offer out-standing programs with first-rate faculty in first-rate facilities. With the support and encouragement of our Board of Trustees, we have embarked on a plan of highly purposeful and focused growth to help achieve this. We will gradually raise our undergraduate enrollment, always maintain-ing and building quality, and will also increase the number of graduate students and faculty. At the same time, we will reduce the number of graduate programs, focusing on the ones that can make the greatest contributions to Vermont and to society at large. Through this focused enrollment management plan, we will reach a critical mass and concen-tration of students, faculty, facilities, and excellence, at the same time creating considerable economies of scale. We are determined to think big but remain small, preserving and strengthening UVMís special qualities of community, collegiality, and common-sense resourcefulness.

The web pages within this site elaborate our vision of UVMís future and provide the details of our plan to turn this vision into reality.