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Providing outstanding volunteer leadership for The Campaign for the University of Vermont, the National Campaign Steering Committee comprises UVM alumni, parents, and friends who have consistently been among the University's strongest supporters and most effective advocates.

National Campaign Steering Committee
Meghan Walsh Cioffi 91, Co-Chair
Robert Franklin Cioffi 90, Co-Chair
Eugene W. Kalkin 50, Co-Chair
Joan L. Kalkin, Co-Chair
Bruce M. Lisman, Co-Chair '69
James M. Betts, M.D. 69, M73
Robert L. Bickford, Jr. 43 (Deceased, January 2007)
Oletha Thompson Bickford 41
Dan Burack '55
Carole Burack
David Allen Daigle 89
Elizabeth Lyons Daigle 89
Dr. Daniel Mark Fogel
James Spencer Higgins 96
Harry Elwin Howe, M.D. 43, G47, M53
Theo Orr Howe 48
Jim Keller '72
Judy Keller P'02
George Michael LaBranche IV 77
Crea Sopher Lintilhac G78
Dr. Philip M. Lintilhac 63
Dr. Wolfgang Mieder, Faculty
Reynolds Moulton (Deceased, March 2006)
Julie Simon Munro 86
Beverly H. Rubenstein
Stephen B. Rubenstein 61
Helen B. Spaulding P75
Betsy Winder P'08
Charles Zabriskie, Jr. 53
Star Myles Zabriskie