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Jose (Ze) is a Ph.D candidate from  Portugal. His research is in insect pathology and biological control of forest pests using alternative approaches to classic biocontrol methods. His primary research deals with the use of entomopathogenic fungi for management of the Elongate Hemlock Scale (Fiorina externa), a primary pest of the endangered hemlock stands of the northeastern parts of the United States. He is also a teaching assistant for entomology courses in the Plant and Soil Sciences Department.

Jose Marcelino: Tel: (802) 656-5441

Jose Marcelino

- Entomology Laboratory

Eduardo is a Ph.D. student from Honduras working on dairy cattle nutrition. Eduardo has done research regarding nitrogen metabolism in lactating cows and whole farm nutrient balance. He is also a teaching assistant for courses in the Animal Science department.

Dept. of Animal Science

Panagiotis is a M.S. student from Greece working on the tarnished plant bug, a major pest of strawberries, vegetables, tree fruits, and flowers. Panagiotis is currently testing fungal isolates as a potential management tool against this devastating pest.

- Entomology Laboratory

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