A few remarks on the links for the Punic War:

The first, http://www.dl.ket.org/latin2/historia/republic/punic1.htm is brief but not, for the most part, inaccurate, and gives references for assertions.
The descriptions of Trasimene and Cannae are decent, but brief; the photo of the site of Cannae is a plus.

The second, http://campus.northpark.edu/history//WebChron/Mediterranean/2ndPunic.html has an interactive map (which I did not try out) as well as static ones. The narrative of the war is on the whole accurate, although brief and occasionally misleading, e.g., calling Fabius the dictator of the Roman senate (this brief explanation of Fabius' position misses the point, as does calling Roman consuls 'generals' - they were generals, but only because they were the annually-elected chief magistrates). There is also no distinction made between Scipio the father and Scipio the son. There are no narratives of the First and Third Punic wars.

The overall message: CAVEAT LECTOR ("let the reader beware"); a good thing to keep in mind when using any site on the internet. These two were the best I could find in a fairly lengthy search centered around the battle of Cannae.

Note: Anyone who can find a more detailed, scholarly, and accurate on-line narrative of the Punic wars will receive extra credit on the first test.

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