Appendix A
Electronic Journals: Overview of the Current Market (1999)
Characterized by an abundance of experimentation and few standards, the current market includes commercial and non-commercial offerings from a wide-range of publishers, aggregators, groups and individuals.

Some Examples:
(these sources are adapted from an article by George Machovec, "Electronic Journal Market Overview--1997", Serials Review  23, no. 2 (Summer 1997):31-44, or click on the sources that are listed below for additional details)
(from commercial, university, and scholarly society sectors)
Academic Press IDEAL Elsevier Science Kluwer Online Springer-Verlag Link service
HighWire Press Project Muse Royal Society Publications SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Journals Online

Third Party Aggregators & Subscription Agents:
Backwell's Electronic Journal Navigator EBSCO Online FAXON E-Journal Services Institute for Scientific Information
The JSTOR Project LEXIS/NEXIS OCLC Electronic Collections Online Ovid Technologies, Inc.
SwetsNet Bell & Howell
(formerly UMI - University Microfilms International)

Noncommercial Web Sites Offering Access to E-Journals:
   (free, though restrictions may apply at some sites)
ARL Directory of Electronic Journals and Newsletters Australian Journals (National Library of Australia) Bibliothèque Virtuelle de Périodiques (projet franco-québécois) Canadian Electronic Scholarly Network / Réseau canadien d'information savante
The CIC E-Journals Collection E-Journal (WWW Virtual Library e-journal listing) Les Journaux sur le web, a Swiss source for newpapers and magazines from around the world. Library of Congress Lists of Newspapers and Periodicals
NewJour: Electronic Journals and Newsletters Serials inCyberspace  includes websites with e-journal collections. University at Buffalo Libraries Electronic Journals University of Pennsylvania Library Electronic Journal Listings

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