AMP Student - Jonathan Gonzalez


Jonathan Gonzalez, AMP Student

Contact Information
Email: Jonathan Gonzalez

Marsh Life Science Building, Rm 205
Phone: (802) 656-0703
Advisor: Alison Brody


Like many others, I believe that the burgeoning human population and its impacts on the environment have lead to an urgent need for scientists to contribute to the fields of sustainable agriculture and ecological restoration.  I am most interested in symbiotic soil fungi collectively known as “mycorrhizal fungi”. These fungi colonize plant roots and extend hyphae out into the surrounding soil. These hyphae act effectively as extensions of the plant root system by gathering nutrients to exchange with plants for photosynthetically derived carbohydrates. This symbiosis has the potential to be employed in agriculture as well as in bioremediation. As an undergraduate in Dr. Alison Brody’s laboratory, I conducted two investigations involving mycorrhizal fungi.  I now have the opportunity to continue that work here at UVM as a student in the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program in Biology. I am excited and I look forward to applying to Ph.D. programs in the field of plant and microbial interactions. My long-term objective is to research the employment of the mycorrhizal symbiosis in agriculture and ecological restoration as a university research professor.

I am originally from Vermont. In my personal time I enjoy hiking, playing music, watching movies and spending time with my dog Vinny and my family.

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