Faculty - C. William Kilpatrick

C. William Kilpatrick

C. William Kilpatrick, Professor

  • Ph.D., North Texas State University, 1973
  • North Texas State University, Assistant Professor 73-78
  • University of Vermont, Associate Professor 78 - 09
  • University of Vermont, Professor 2009 - present
  • CV (PDF)
Area of expertise

molecular systematics

Contact Information
Email: C. William Kilpatrick



My research interests range from population genetics and molecular ecology to molecular systematics. I am especially interested in the role of stochastic evolutionary forces such as genetic drift and founder effect in shaping the genetic structure of populations. Most current work involves the utilization of DNA sequencing and examination of microsatellite variation. For the last nine years, I have worked in Central Asia and much of the current work involves examining the phylogeography of the small mammals of Balauchistan and the mountainous areas of northern Pakistan. I continue to work on peromyscine rodents, with an emphasis on forms of southern Mexico and Central America. I am also continuing work on endemic mammals of the West Indies, with current work focusing on Cuba. Current work of graduate students focuses on the molecular ecology of carnivores (black bears, fisher, and bobcats) at sites reanging from New England to southern Texas.

Selected Publications

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