Ballif Lab Members
               University of Vermont
               Department of Biology
        304 / 311 Marsh Life Science Building
                Burlington, VT 05405
                    (802) 656-1391


Graduate students

Marion Weir

Marion is studying the regulation and signaling of Src family kinases.

She is also assisting investigators with collaborative proteomics
projects in UVM's Immunobiology COBRE.

Ryan Joy

Ryan is studying ESDN signaling mechanisms governing neuronal migration during vertebrate development.

Riley St. Clair

Riley is studying Semphorin/Plexin/Collapsin Response Mediator Protein signaling
and its roles regulating vertebrate neuronal migration. 

Judith is studying Chagas Disease's etiology using proteomic, genomic and biogeographical approaches. These studies are in collaboraiton with Lori Stevens.

Amanda Northrop

Amanda is using metaproteomics to study ecological state changes.
These studies are in collaboration with Nick Gotelli.

Undergraduate students

     Liam Kelley--UVM Biochemistry Major. Liam is conducting studies 

     on the molecular  characterization of novel blood group antigens. 

     These studies are in collaboration with Lionel Arnaud.

    Jaye Grundy -- UVM Biochemistry Major. Jaye is studying signaling mechanisms 

    mediated by the Crk/CrkL family of adaptors.


    Kyle Kellett--UVM Neuroscience Major. 

    Kyle is studying ESDN signaling in vertebrate 

    central nervous system development.

    Sara Falconer--UVM Biological Sciences Major.

    Sara is is studying signaling mechanisms mediated by the Crk/CrkL family of adaptors.


    Sarah Bullock--UVM Biological Sciences Major. Sarah is studying ESDN         signaling in vertebrate central nervous system development.


UVM Signaling Sister Labs

Several signaling projects are being conducted in collaboration with the labs of 

Professor Alicia Ebert and Professor Paula Deming

Norwich University Sister Laboratory

Professor Karen Hinkle

Karen is studying novel regualtory mechanisms of the Src family
of tyrosine kinases and their roles in neuronal migration using
biochemical, cellular and organsimal (c. elegans) approaches.
This work is in collaboration with Peter Juo.

Read about Karen's Board of Fellows Prize Here.

Collaborative work at the interface of proteomics, genomics, ecology, evolution, phylogenetics, and environmental science:

Several NSF-funded projects are being pursued and have been collaborative studies with:

--Jim Vigoreaux, to study the evolved roles of Flightin in insect muscle.

--Jim Carpenter, Fernando Gelin, Federico Lopez-Osorio, Ingi Agnarsson
and the late Kurt Pickett to study the systematics and phylogenetics of the wasp subfamily Vespinae.

--Nick Gotelli, Aaron Elison and
Amanda Northrop to study tipping points in the miniature ecosystem of the Northern Pitcher Plant.

--Nick Gotelli, Aaron Elison, Sara Helms Cahan, Nate Sanders, Rob DunnAndrew Nguyen, John Stanton-Geddes, Joel Parker, et al. to study evolved and acute molecular changes in ants in response to thermal stress and climate change.


Additional (Shorter Term) Alumni:


Jonathan Aiwazian--Technician.

Anya Krymkowski--UVM Mathematics Major.

Caroline Casals--UVM Biology Major.      

James Schreffler--UVM Biology Major. 

Nick Thompson--UVM Biology Major.

Alex Lauzon--UVM Biological Sciences Major.

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