Adopted on December 9, 2004


The students of the University of Vermont, in order to create a multi-disciplinary community of students with a common interest in water resources research, current issues, and local activities, do hereby establish, by these bylaws, a student chapter of AWRA.

Article I   Purpose

Section 1. Objectives

A. Collecting, organizing, and disseminating ideas and information in the field of water resources.

B. Providing a means of interaction within the water resources community.

C. Representation of membership in the campus community.

D. Providing information about the Chapter to incoming students.

E. Promote regionally and locally the objectives of AWRA.

F. Encourage membership in AWRA.

G. Arrange regional local conferences or seminars as deemed valuable.

H. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the conduct of the affairs of the national AWRA

Section 2. Definition of Membership

A. Any undergraduate or graduate student of UVM is eligible for membership.

B. Membership requires that a student attend at least one chapter meeting per year and complete the membership registration form.

Article II   Structure

Section 1. Executive Committee

A. Shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and committee Chairpersons.

B. Will perform duties defined in Section 2.

C. Two advisors, both members of National AWRA; one faculty member from two departments, or one faculty member and one professional.

D. All chapter officers must be student members of the National AWRA.

Section 2. Responsibilities

A. The President is the official representative of the Chapter and is responsible for organizing and presiding over meetings.

B.  The Vice President will perform the duties of the President when the latter is absent.

C. The Treasurer administers, with the approval of the Executive Committee, all monetary transactions of the Chapter and will perform the duties of the Secretary when the latter is absent. The treasurer will prepare an annual report of the status of the chapter’s financial position at the close of each school year.

D. The Secretary administers correspondence and records minutes of the meetings and keeps the National AWRA informed about the Student Chapter activities.

E. The committee Chairpersons are responsible for carrying out their duties as determined by the president. Committee Chairpersons will organize and coordinate special events or activities of the chapter, as needed.

Article III   Elections

Section 1. General

A. Election of Officers
The outgoing Executive Committee (or the advisors if no Executive Committee exists) will conduct majority rule secret ballot elections during the spring semester before April 30th. Any student member of AWRA can be nominated by any member of AWRA for any position on the Executive Committee (including self-nominations). Nominations must be seconded by another member of the chapter.

B. Officer Term
The term of all Executive Committee members is one year (from May 1st to April 30th).

C. Special elections for vacated offices will be conducted by secret ballot when necessary.

D. An Executive Committee member
may resign by submitting a written statement of intent to the Executive Committee.

Article IV   Meetings

A. The chapter shall not hold less than two membership meetings per year for the purpose of transacting business, one during fall semester and the other during spring semester.

Article V   Amendments

A. These bylaws may be amended at any business meeting with at least 50% present of the total membership and by a 2/3 majority vote.

Article VI   Adoption and Dissolution

A. Adoption or Dissolution to these bylaws may take place with a 2/3 majority vote of the total membership, or by the National AWRA Board of Directors for just cause or if the Chapter becomes inactive.

B. If dissolution occurs, all debts shall be paid out of the chapter funds, with the remaining chapter funds, assets, records and files transferred to the National AWRA.