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Saleem Hassan Ali
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research interests:  Environmental planning, South Asian regional conflicts, Resource policy across Asia.
Course offerings:  Intro. Environmental Studies, Environmental Conflict Resolution, Environmental Planning and International Development, Terrorism: An Asian Perspective.

Pablo Bose
Assistant Professor of Geography
Ph.D., York University
Culture, space and power, transnationalism and diaspora, urban and cultural geography, political economy and ecology, India and South Asia.

Tom Borchert
Assistant Professor of Religion
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Research Interests:  Religion in contemporary China and Thailand, Religion and Politics in Asia, Ethnicity and Religion, and Monastic Education.
Course offerings:  Buddhist Traditions, Religion in Japan, Religion in China,
Intro. Religion: Asian Traditions.

Matthew Carlson
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 2003
Research interests:  Asian politics, electoral systems, public opinion, human rights.
Course offerings:  Politics of Japan, Politics of China, Politics of East Asia, Comparative Political Systems.

Sin Yee Chan
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1993
Research interests:  Ancient Confucianism, feminist ethics, emotions.
Course offerings:  Emotions, Ancient Chinese Philosophy, Theories & Issues of Feminism,
Intro. to Philosophy: East & West.

Michele Commercio
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests:  Post-Soviet Central Asia and Central Asian Politics.

Mutsumi Corson

Senior Lecturer of Japanese Language
M.A., Teaching ESL, St. Michael's College, 1989
Course offerings:  Japanese language.

Erik W. Esselstrom
Assistant Professor of East Asian History
Director, Asian Studies Program
Ph.D., University of California-Santa Barbara, 2004
Research Interests: Japanese colonialism, modern Sino-Japanese relations.
Course offerings: Chinese and Japanese history.

Kyle Keoni Ikeda
Assistant Professor of Japanese
Ph.D., University of Hawaii, Manoa, 2007
Research Interest: Okinawan literature, war memory, second generation trauma, war survivor narratives
Course Offerings: Japanese (JAPN 001/002), Traditional and Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (WLIT 195/196).

Ms. Rui Liu
Visiting Lecturer of Chinese
M.A., Beijing Language University, China, 2007
Research Interest: Cross-cultural communication, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language

Course offerings: Chinese language (CHIN 051/052, CHIN 295/296)

Emily Manetta
Assistant Professor of Linguistics (Anthropology Department)
Ph.D., University of California-Santa Cruz
Research interests: Comparative Indic syntax: question formation and clause boundary organization in Kashmiri and Hindi-Urdu. Theoretical syntax,WH-Movement.
Course offerings:  Intro to South Asian Languages.

Cuong Mai
Visiting Lecturer of Religion
Completing a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, University of Indiana
Research interests:  Mortuary practices and paradise beliefs surrounding the Buddha figures Amitabha and Maitreya in the early medieval Chinese religious world.
Course offerings:  Intro. Asian Religions, Religions of Vietnam, Religious Perspectives on Death.

Abigail McGowan

Assistant Professor of History

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2003
Research interests:  Development efforts in handicrafts in late colonial Western India.
Course offerings:  Early and modern South Asia, Gandhi and his Legacy; Peoples, Cultures and Politics of the Himalayas.

Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree
Assistant Professor of English
Research interests:  Global and East Asian Cinema

Stephanie Seguino
Professor of Economics
Ph.D., American University, 1994
Research interests:  Economic growth, development, gender in Asia.
Course offerings:  East Asian economic growth.

Peter Seybolt
Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Harvard University, 1970
Research interests: China and Japan during WWII, rural China, China in the 20th Century.

John Seyller
Professor of Art History
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1986
Research interests: Indian painting, Indian and Islamic art.
Course offerings:  Asian art, Japanese art, Chinese painting, Indian painting, The Hindu Temple, Islamic art, Art of Southeast Asia, various special topics in Asian art.

Jeanne L. Shea
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1998
Research interests:  Culture and social change, health and healing, gender and sexuality, the lifecycle and generations, ethnicity and socioeconomic class, Chinese culture, Chinese diaspora, China, Canada and the US.
Course offerings:  Cultures of East Asia: race and ethnicity; Asians in the US and Canada.

Jonah Steinberg
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2006.
Research interests:  Transnational and global communities, responses to marginality and social crisis, migration and diaspora; Islam, South Asia, and West Asia; Indic diasporas.

Ms. Huili Sun
Visiting Lecturer of Chinese
M.Ed., Beijing Language University, China, 2007 Research Interest: Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, second language acquisition
Course offerings:  Chinese language (CHIN 001/002, CHIN 201/202).

Diana Sun
Senior Lecturer of Chinese Language
M.A., St. Louis University, Missouri 1991
Research interests:  Language pedagogy.
Course offerings:  Chinese language.

Kazuko Carlson (formerly Suzuki)
Lecturer of Japanese Language
M.A., Teaching ESL, Saint Michael's College, 2002
Course Offerings:  Japanese language.

Kevin Trainor
Associate Professor of Religion
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1990
Research interests: South Asian Buddhism, with a focus on Sri Lankan Theravada tradition; Buddhist ritual.
Course offerings:  Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Ritualization, Interpretation of Religion,
Introduction to the study of Religion -- Comparative, Buddhist traditions.

John Jing-hua Yin
Associate Professor of Chinese Language
Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo, 1995
Research interests:  Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese writing system.
Course offerings:  Chinese language, Chinese characters, Chinese literature in English translation, Chinese culture.

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