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 Asian Studies Program

The Asian Studies Program (ASP) offers numerous opportunities for
internships and research.


Internship opportunities are available mainly through the Asian Studies
outreach program in Vermont schools and communities.  The following are
examples of ways in which UVM undergraduates can participate in the
outreach program:

* Working with K-12 teachers in preparing and presenting curricular
materials on Asian cultures.
* Compiling materials on Asian countries for the instruction of teachers
and students preparatory to their study trips to Asian countries. Typically
more than 100 people travel to Asia each year under the auspices of ASP.
* Working with teachers and administrators to assess the effectiveness of
various Asian studies programs.
* Participating in the Asian Studies program of the Governor’s Institute of
Vermont which educates high school students about Asia, and prepares them
for travel to Asian countries.

Students seeking academic credit for these activities will write papers and
be assessed by a faculty mentor.  Small amounts of funding are available
for students who assist in ASP programs on a non-credit basis.  All
internship applications will be considered on an individual basis.
Acceptance in the internship program is not automatic.


Students concentrating in Asian Studies undertake a major research project
as a requirement for graduation.  This can be accomplished by taking a
seminar course in any of the academic departments offering courses on Asia,
or through individual research projects guided by Asian Studies faculty.
In some cases, students have an opportunity to work as research assistants
to Asian Studies faculty.  Academic credit or limited financial
remuneration for such cooperation will be arranged on an individual basis.

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