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Disc Golf Publicity UVM Alternative Weekend
by Jesse Wing

On Friday, 10/11, Andrew Feldman, Assistant Director of Community Services at UVM, and a crew of ten students and staff arrived at the Waterbury Center Disc Golf Course located behind Hope Davey Field. The students were participating in a student based volunteer group called the Alternative Weekend Program. This program gives students, the opportunity to work with their community through volunteer activities. They came equipped to camp overnight and in the morning joined me and a handful of other avid disc golfers to make improvements to Vermont's First public Disc Golf Course.

The campers quickly set up camp and hurried to get a few holes in before sunset. The next morning came quickly as they arose to find Al Choinere, Steve and myself already at work burning a brush pile and discussing the day's events. The students made a quick run to KC's bagels and were ready for the tasks ahead which included clearing, and burning brush from the course. Another hour passed and more tasks were assigned primarily creating steps along several steep banks. People playing the course thanked everyone as the volunteers dug in, drove stakes and formed earthen steps to reduce erosion and make the hill safer for disc golfers and walkers. Noon arrived and lunch was served, after half a days work the volunteers ate roasted hot dogs and mid-day smores over one of the burning brush piles.

With renewed energy the final bum pile was assembled on the 16th hole, where the task of moving the hole's basket was also assigned. It was here I taught the volunteers a little about disc golf, but also about how Matt Alberghim and I proposed the creation of the course to the select board; the process of creating a course so the lay out works best with the land and the parks previous use.

As the sun was hanging over the Ricker Basin, the fires had died down and the UVMers played a few holes, packed up their campsite and reflected on a great day of accomplishments. Along with the students, Andrew Feldman, and group leaders Kevin Jordan and Liz Kuttler, I would like to thank Steve Guptil for coming Saturday morning and approving our burning that wonderful fall day. To everyone that has come out and supported Vermont 's first public disc golf course, thank you.

From the publication Exit 10: A free publication established in 1988 for the exit 10 community. Volume XV, No. 10. November 2002.

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