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The Department of Asian Languages and Literatures currently offers a major or minor in Chinese and a major or minor in Japanese. The Department is also developing its Arabic language program and offers Arabic language courses.
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Student Learning Outcomes for Chinese/Japanese Majors

After completing the Chinese or Japanese Program at UVM, Majors should be able to:
  • Speaking/Listening: Understand spoken Chinese/Japanese and express one’s opinion concerning a variety of social topics, and be able to conduct an oral presentation in Chinese/Japanese.
  • Reading: Read and comprehend written texts in Chinese/Japanese from a variety of forms and contexts (e.g., newspapers, essay collections, novels).
  • Writing: Express own thoughts and summarize readings in one’s own words in written Chinese/Japanese.
  • Research:
    • Use a variety of Chinese/Japanese reference works and sources, including dictionaries and encyclopedias in digital and hardcopy form.
    • Conduct independent research on topics in Chinese/Japanese literature and/or China/Japan related topics, and effectively communicate the results.
  • Literature:
    • Identify and describe major authors, works, features, forms, and styles of Chinese/Japanese literature from premodern and/or modern eras.
    • Analyze and interpret works of Chinese/Japanese poetry, prose, and drama, read both in translation and in the original Chinese/Japanese, using terms appropriate to each genre.
    • Situate and evaluate Chinese/Japanese literature in its social, historical, intellectual, and religious contexts.

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