University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Asian Languages and Literatures

Course Syllabi

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Arabic ARBC 001:Elementary Arabic I ARBC 002: Elementary Arabic II
  ARBC 051: Intermediate Arabic I ARBC 052: Intermediate Arabic II
  GRS 095:Aspects of Arabic Culture  
Chinese CHIN 001:Elementary Chinese I CHIN 002: Elementary Chinese II
  CHIN 051: Intermediate Chinese I CHIN 052: Intermediate Chinese I
  CHIN 101: Advanced Chinese I CHIN 102: Advanced Chinese I
  CHIN 195: 3rd-Year Conv. Chinese I CHIN 196: 3rd-Year Conv. Chinese I
  CHIN 201:Adv. Conv. & Composition I CHIN 202: Adv. Conv. & Composition I
  CHIN 295: Advanced Special Topics CHIN 296: Advanced Special Topics
  GRS 005:Glimpses of Chinese Culture WLIT 110: Classical Chinese Lit. in Trans.
  CHIN 020:Chinese Characters  
Japanese JAPN 001: Elementary Japanese I JAPN 002: Elementary Japanese II
  JAPN 051: Intermediate Japanese I JAPN 052: Intermediate Japanese II
  JAPN 101: Advanced Japanese I JAPN 102: Advanced Japanese II
  JAPN 121: Japanese Conversation I JAPN 122: Japanese Conversation II
  JAPN 201: Studies of Japanese Texts I JAPN 202: Studies of Japanese Texts II
  JAPN 221: Japanese for Communication I JAPN 222: Japanese for Communication II
  WLIT 109: Pre-modern Japanese Lit. in Trans. WLIT 119:Modern Japanese Lit. in Trans.

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