Checklist for Student Speech Folder



___  Pocket folder with your name, title of your presentation, and date of your presentation, on the outside cover


___  Completed mind map and objectives statement


___  Student critique sheets


___  Research notes


___  Visual Aids, Overhead Transparencies, etc.


___  Speech notes, cards, or outlines


___  Reflection paper.  Syllabus instructions below…


Start with the objectives of your presentation -- what you want your audience to know and to do as a result of your presentation, then use the following three sub-headings to frame your paper:

a. The speech I prepared for:  Why you chose your topic…how your conducted your research…the credibility of your sources, especially web –based sources…the objectives of your speech…how you went about constructing the speech…the amount and type of practice you did…the feedback you received…any other preparation.

b.   The speech I gave:  Give details of how your speech went…comparison of the speech with the one you practiced…what was going on in your head during the speech…what the video tape showed…things you did right…things you did wrong…student critique comments…anything else concerning the actual speech and how it felt to you.

c.   Improvements for next time:  Things you wish you had done differently to give the ideal speech…what would you have done differently in preparing for and delivering your speech…what will you do next time to improve…anything else that you wish you had done and would do in the future.