First Lecture CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Outline.

Lecture A Tuesdays 1:00-2:15pm, code 90181, Room: 122 Hills,  28 August 2012
Lecture B Thursdays 1:00-2:15pm, code 91886, Room: 122 Hills, 30 August 2012

Welcome to the Course!

Please put away all electronic devices (lap tops, cell phones, Blackberrys, I-Pods, etc.) and take out something to write with and paper.

Attendance Introductions (30 seconds): Name (slowly), where you grew up, major, favorite music.

Ric Elias's TED Talk


  1. Read the Syllabus carefully:
  2. Decide what you will do for a dramatic reading and an informational presentation in lab.
  3. Be ready to give your dramatic reading in lab the week of Sept 10 - 14.
  4. Get a USB Flash Memory Thumb-drive (2+Gigabytes)
  5. Read Present Yourself: Chapters 1-3.
  6. Labs begin this week! Monday Lab folks be ready to give your dramatic reading Sept 10.
  7. Next Monday (Sept 3) UVM closed.  Lectures Meet (Tue, Thur), Labs Cancelled Sept 3 - 7.

Attendance Policy: Unexcused absences from lecture or lab result in 1% reduction of your final course grade for each unexcused absence.  Attendance will be taken each lecture and lab. This is not a class to cut and get notes from someone else. This is a class where you must come to lecture and lab on time every time and be ready to participate for the entire lecture or lab.    Athletes are excused only for Varsity Games (and work is expected to be made up within one week).  No students have earned an A in this course who have had more than two unexcused absences. If you can not make a class, you must notify your instructor before the class.  Notification after the fact (Ex post facto) will result in a zero for that class assignment.  If you miss a speaking assignment without notifying your Lab TAs before the class or if you miss a speaking assignment because you were not  prepared, you will earn a zero for that assignment. Only extreme, legitimate, prior-notification absences (death in the family, serious illness, or accident) will be made up.  For an excuse to be legitimate you must contact the CALS Deans Office (Rose Laba, 656-0289, and Rose will notify Dr. Leonard.  This should be a very rare occurrence.  

The single most important thing to do in preparing to speak: Practice in front of others and get feedback!

Dramatic Reading Example.
Dramatic Reading Critique sheet, dramatic readings begin in lab Monday September 10.