Lecture Eight CALS 183 Foundations: Communication Methods, Lecture Outline
Oct 18, 20, 2011.

Lecture A Tuesdays 1:00-2:15pm, Room: 001 Kalkin
Lecture B Thursdays 1:00-2:15pm,  Room: 001 Kalkin

Please put away all electronic devices (lap tops, cell phones, Blackberrys, I-Pods, etc.), take out pen and paper to take notes.


Attendance speech: Practice Pausing:  Your Name, Then say something and include a pause for effect.


Tips from TAs:

  1. Practice ahead in the room you will give your presentation.  Use  http://resource25.uvm.edu .
  2. Be SPECIFIC about what the audience should remember in the Restate Must Knows.  Don't be CATEGORICAL.  Ex. "I talked to you today about How to bake an apple pie, what ingredients to use, what temp to bake, and how to serve" is categorical (BAD).  "Today you learned to use fresh Granny Smith Apples and Brown Sugar in your pie, to bake in a pre-heated 375F degree oven, and to serve with a slice of sharp cedar cheese" is specific (GOOD).
  3. Your Preview should be slow and clear: 2-4 main points you will be going over.  During your presentation the transitions between these points should also be clear (for example "Now you know about what ingredients to use for the pie, let's go on to baking and oven temperature..")
  4. Source all facts not common knowledge.  Source all images on (or just under) the image.
  5. Be clear about why you chose your topic. "The reason I chose this topic is....."
  6. Pauses need to be OBVIOUS (2 seconds or more) for effect.
  7. It is perfectly fine not to use the computer or presentation software.
  8. Have a plan B if something goes wrong with the technology (images printed to pass around, or show on DocCamera).
  9. If using presentation software: Go to lab early and pre-load your presentation.
  10. Make sure you have enough room on your flash drive (need at least 500MB free.  Recommended: 2 Gigs free).
  11. For the Conclusion, give a clear restate-must-knows, then show/do something memorable (for a powerful ending) and end with "Thank You".  The worst way to end is to say "That's about it..."
  12. Repeat any questions asked of you at the end of your presentation.
  13. Use the Grading Rubric checklist as you are constructing your reflection folder.

Assignments & Announcements:

  1. Practice your Persuasive Presentation.
  2. Exam coming up in Two weeks: Nov 1/3.  Cumulative, multiple choice test.
  3. Bring your Flash Memory stick (2+ Gigs, with 500 MB free) and bring to lab if you are presenting.
  4. Check Syllabus speaking schedule for when you are reading/presenting and your lab role.
  5. Your completed Reflection Folder is due at the beginning of lab the week after your present your Persuasive Presentation.
  6. Outside Speech Critique assignment is due THIS week (Oct 17-21) in lab!  UVM lecture calendar site.
  7. Practice your Formal (lecture) Introduction.  These begin next week.  Names will be called at random.  If you are unexcused absent: zero.


Formal Lecture Introductions: Assignment #1 on Syllabus

Persuasive presentation: Assignment #7 on Syllabus

  Elizabeth Pisani's TED Talk on Sex Drugs and HIV

  Graham Hill's TED Talk on Weekday Vegetarian