Lecture Four CALS 183: Communication Methods, Lecture Outline
Week of Sept 27 - Oct 1, 2010.

Please put away all electronic devices (lap tops, cell phones, Blackberrys, I-Pods, etc.).

Present Yourself Quiz Returned.



Assignments & Announcements:

  1. Practice your informational presentation in front of others and get feedback.
  2. Bring your Flash Memory stick (2+ Gigs, with 500 MB free) and bring to lab if you are presenting your Dramatic Reading or informational presentation.
  3. Check Syllabus speaking schedule for when you are reading/presenting and your lab role.
  4. Outside Speech Critique assignment.  UVM lecture calendar site.
  5. Practice your Formal (lecture) Introduction.  These will start next week.  Names will be called at random.  If you are unexcused absent: zero.


Informational Presentation Example, critiques: Elephant Seals, Can you see me now?

Group Critical Analysis preview, Syllabus #6.