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Strategic and Operational Planning in AFS

Strategic plans set the long-term direction and objectives of the organization. The time frame for strategic plans varies, but typically covers at least 3 and as many as 10 years.

Operational plans, which flow from the strategic plan, focus on day-to-day management of the organization and address the allocation of resources and functional strategies. The time frame for operational plans is about one year.

In 2003, The University of Vermont identified strategic goals for its long range strategic planning:

  1. create a diverse community;
  2. create an outstanding student experience that promotes personal and intellectual development;
  3. focus the human, fiscal, environmental, technological and physical resources of the University on institutional values and priorities;
  4. recruit and retain excellent students, faculty and staff;
  5. strengthen and focus academic programs, emphasizing liberal education, health and the environment;
  6. strengthen financial resources;
  7. strengthen research, scholarship and the creative arts;
  8. effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

AFS departments have created strategic plans that align with the goals of the University. We’ve identified a few additional strategic goals that are integral to our work, including identifying customer requirements and satisfaction levels; supporting an environmentally responsible, safe and healthy campus; planning and managing capital projects as reflected in the University’s Vision and Campus Master Plan; managing and providing support for our IT resources; and modeling performance excellence.

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