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Performance Excellence

What is Performance Excellence?

The term “performance excellence” refers to an integrated management approach that results in: (1) delivery of ever-improving value to customers; (2) improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities; and (3) organizational and personal learning.

  • NIST - 2005 Criteria for Performance Excellence, p. 64

Which Performance Excellence model does AFS use?

Since 1998, the Administrative and Facilities Services has used the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to improve our core and support services to our customers.

What is the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence?

The Baldrige Criteria serve as a working tool to help us understand and manage our performance and to guide our planning. The criteria are based on a set of interrelated core values and concepts embodied in seven categories: Leadership; Strategic Planning; Customer and Market Focus; Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management; Human Resource Focus; Process Management; and Results.

The Criteria focus on results and the processes required to achieve them. The system involves developing effective strategic plans to achieve future success, utilizing information and data to guide decision making, and using action-oriented learning cycles.

How has AFS utilized Performance Excellence?

  • We utilize Performance Excellence to:
    1. understand what we must provide to our customers;
    2. assure that we have the competence and tools necessary to satisfy our customers;
    3. use appropriate checks and feedback to ensure that our processes work; and
    4. use performance measures to track progress and success.
  • Each AFS department has produced mission and vision statements, core beliefs, SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), and strategic plans.
  • Our strategic plans incorporate a data-driven, systems approach to align divisional and departmental strategic goals with those of the University.
  • AFS conducts periodic assessments within our departments to determine performance levels across the Criteria.
  • AFS conducts regular training sessions to reinforce organizational learning about performance excellence.
  • Next steps in performance excellence for AFS include developing operational plans and Balanced Scorecards to better identify and measure success in critical areas.

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