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Our expectations many times will limit us in recognizing that we got what we wanted. The solution to our manifestations are much more creative then we could ever be. It is helpful to be receptive to many different possibilities and opportunities that our mind alone may not be aware of as the following examples illustrate. 

  How Can I Afford to Redecorate? 

For over a year I had been trying to manifest new colors in my living room studio. I researched the colors and patterns that would please and refresh me. It was a gradual process and I did not have the money to afford the redecoration. However, in my imagination I visualized this change about twice a month. I had confidence that some day it would happen. I had no idea when but I "knew" my time for change would be soon. I could taste it. One day a hose on my washing machine broke, flooding a good portion of the house, including the living room studio. An insurance check covered almost the entire cost of the redecoration. 

What Do I Look Like When I Ski? 

I had been told I was a good skier but I had never seen myself ski. One day I decided to see myself ski. I was clear with my intent. I let it go and just knew it would somehow come to me. Perhaps someone could film me. For the next couple of days I kept my eyes open looking for someone to come along with a camcorder, but this did not happen. 

The next time I went skiing, I was going up the chair lift and my intuition told me to ski the slope called Nose Dive. I didn't want to do this because I just skied that slope and wanted to ski Hay Ride while the snow was still good. I decided to listen to my intuition. It was a cloudy day but as I was skiing the clouds opened up and the bright sun cast a perfect shadow directly in front of me just where I normally look when I ski. The shadow could not have been more perfectly placed! I could clearly see my style and this provided me with just the information I wanted. I learned from this incident that we get what we ask for but not always in the form we expect. 

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