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Manifesting Your Heart's Desire Book I
By Fred Fengler Ph.D. and Todd Varnum
HeartLight Publishing

This book has been revised & rewritten with a new face lift

Do to the success of the first edition and the extensive feedback and additional examples we received from our many readers from all over the world, we felt an updated and expanded version was needed for our third printing.

Can we create the lives we want?

It all began when two trained scientists were drawn together by a series of events too unlikely to be  mere coincidence.  Following their curiosity, they organized and participated in a group of diverse, unconnected people who shared the same fascination with the question "What happens if we assume we can create the lives we want?"

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, Book 1  relates experiences of personal growth, told in the words of all the travelers: their challenges, joys, disappointments, surprises, insights, and inspirations.

Tamara Romaine, an Accountant in Florida writes:

"I have read enough theory and philosophy and how to_s; I was grateful to read how people actually did it!"

Iris Smithers an Office Manager from Australia writes:

"This Book turned my life around. I couldn_t put it down. The things it had to say struck a chord deep within me and  I felt here were two people who were able to show me how to develop something I had been doing unconsciously all my life."

 A reader from Mpls, Minnesota writes:

"Just finished reading this book. How refreshing to read a book that provides first-person accounts of individuals who actually had to walk the walk. I'm sick of all the other kooky new age books that simply repackage and parrot esoteric philosophy, provide arm-chair opinions of people who are already rich, happy and successful who probably never had to consciously manifest any major thing in their entire lives, and/or mind-numbing pedantic theory...theory...theory ad nauseum. Aaargh!!

In contrast to those types of books, Manifesting Your Heart's Desire not only describes the successes, but the failures as well, with step-by-step methods so one can experiment with reproducing the results or improving one's techniques to succeed after some practice as per first-hand accounts of others who had similar problems."

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Manifesting Your Heart's Desire Book II
By Fred Fengler Ph.D. and Todd Varnum
HeartLight Publishing

How can you manifest the life you were meant to live?

The answer will both surprise you - and feel exactly right.

 In Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, Book I, authors Fred Fengler & Todd Varnum asked the question _What happens if we assume we can create the lives we want?_ In their sequel, they and the manifestation group continue their exploration bridging the everyday and the spiritual by asking the  question, "Can you manifest your destiny?" Examining such major life milestones as relationships, work, illness, and death, Manifesting Your Heart_s Desire, Book II draws on the real experiences of a group of diverse people searching to find deeper meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in the daily events of their lives.

A reader from Boston, Ma writes:

 "I read Manifesting Your Heart's Desire Book I by the same authors. So I decide to try this book and absolutely loved it. Their style is so easy to read. The book is very clear with lots of examples. A must read for the more difficult manifestations like relationships, prosperity, and health. My hat is off to the authors on this one."

Gayle P. Myers, M.D. writes

"A most inspiring and life changing book. A complex subject presented simply and clearly. This book reinforces that we are at choice to live consciously, to learn, grow, and heal ourselves."

Jerry Barton Author & Educator writes

"This book talks to me using experiences that I can relate to. It has opened my eyes to our tremendous potential for growth. Fascinating insight into the power we have to effect our lives."

   Manifesting Your Heart's Desire:
   An Interview with Fred Fengler and Todd Varnum
    HeartLight Publishing

The authors of Manifesting Your Heart's Desire  are interviewed by a Burlington, VT television station in 1996. Join Fred and Todd as they discuss their books and explain with a greater perspective how we all can manifest using the power of our minds. Whether you are trying to manifest a better parking space, extra money to pay those unexpected bills, or the life of your dreams, you will benefit from this candid and lively interview.

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