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  Research is finding a connection between the power of the mind and what happens in our life. Why is the placebo effect so powerful in healing?  Why are dreams so important? What part do our thoughts play in what happens in our lives?

The process to create what we want in our lives is called "manifesting" - the  bringing of ideas and desires into physical form. Many people today are realizing their own innate power to bring their desires into their reality. Visualization and affirmation are now commonly accepted  techniques.  In our day to day lives, we see many examples of this - athletes using them to improve their performance in their chosen sports, physicians in healing, in prayer, and in many other forms as well.. 

The success of placebos in healing people proves the power of the mind as a healing agent. This ability to manifest our dreams is not limited to mystics or saints; everyone possesses this ability. As more and more people are discovering the power of the mind to create a desired relationship, joyful work, money or other material objects, a  groundswell movement is  underway.  These are rapidly accepted techniques that were formerly classified as "magic'.  They now are available to all who learn the techniques and go on to apply them in their daily lives.

Todd Varnum and Fred Fengler Ph.D. have been researching this concept for the past twelve years. They brought together a group of people to learn, study and practice manifesting. Together, Fred and Todd and their group  kept journals of their manifesting experiences,. They  met regularly to discuss these experiences and processes, and at the conclusion of the study,  published two books using both their own and the group's experiences. 

The question asked was:  "Can We Create The Lives We Want?". The  books answer that question, detailing  the manifesting principles, stories of  the participants applying these principles, and some analysis of  what worked and what didn't work for those involved.  It is fascinating reading the real-time stories of the participants, as they go about their daily lives applying the principles learned. We follow their journeys, cheering them on.. 

We invite you to the world of manifesting.  Please use these pages as a means of support- for learning more about manifesting, to connect and share with others, or to give us feedback on how you are manifesting the dreams and goals of your life. Join us on this exciting journey to the "World of all Possibilites-Your World!"

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