University of Vermont

Administrative Business Service Center

Finance and Reporting


ACTUALS Ledger Journal

  • Email with your request to transfer revenue or expenses
    • Where is the money coming from?
    • Where is the money going to?

Additional Pay

  • Email with your request specifics
    • Who is being paid?
    • What is this employee being paid for?
    • Was the rate pre-approved by HRS?

Budget Transfers

  • Email with your request to transfer funds
    • Where is the funding coming from?
    • Where is the funding going to?

Check Requests

  • Email or campus mail documents with chartstring for payment
    • Honoraria Travel (without payment for services)
    • Payments to non-resident aliens (payments to individuals require the Employee vs. Independent Contractor Status form)
    • Payments to foreign entities
    • Refund payments
    • Reimbursements to non-employees - include itemized receipts
    • Relocation expenses - include Relocation Expense Form and original itemized receipts
    • Royalty payments

Distribution Changes

  • Email
    • Which employee's salary source is changing?
    • What is/are the new chartstrings and associated percentages?

Internal Charges

  • Email your receipt of purchase using a chartstring


  • Email or campus mail your invoices on blanket POs to the ABSC
  • Invoices $25,000 or greater require an authorizing signature to generate payment to vendor

Job-Related Changes

  • Email with who the change is for?
    • Assignment term change
    • FTE change
    • Reporting to a new supervisor
    • Shift rate change
    • Termination/Resignation of employee- please include resignation letter
    • Working title change

Leave of Absence

  • Email employee's Leave of Absence Request Form
    • FMLA certification form should be routed directly to Human Resource Services

  • Email with any changes to Leave of Absence (return / change to unpaid / change to intermittent)
    • Please provide FMLA tracking sheet for returns from intermittent FMLA

Off-Cycle Base Salary Increase

  • Email with your request specifics
    • Is this an equity adjustment due to a new hire?

Overtime Voucher

  • Email your Overtime Voucher
    • Enter as much known information as possible
    • Ensure hours worked is complete
    • Please have employee and supervisor sign form

Purcard Reallocations

  • Deliver or campus mail your credit card statement or cardholder activity log for the closed cycle with applicable itemized receipts and chartstrings to the ABSC by the 15th of the following month

Recruitment of a Position

  • Email the position you need to recruit for, please include:
    • Current Department Organizational Chart
    • A copy of the most current position description
    • Any changes to the position budget or funding
    • Document requirements for candidates to submit as part of their application (cover letter/resume/references)


  • Email or campus mail documents with chartstring for payment
    • Payments >$2,500
    • Frequent purchases from a single vendor
    • Employee vs. Independent Contractor Status form is needed for payments to individuals 
    • Speaker engagement letters are required if the honorarium or speaker fee will be $500 or greater OR the speaker travel expenses will be $500 or greater.
    • Service Agreements are required if the total value of the contract, including fees and expenses will be $1,000 or greater.

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