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Bioenergy - Biomass to Biofuels Fall 2015

Registration Open for FALL 2015
Varibale 0 to 4 College Credits for:
NR  285 J - 95467  OR
TRC 295 A - 95426
see details below


Renewable BioEnergy Program 

BioEnergy Program Mission

The mission of this program is to provide hands-on instruction in all possible bioenergy areas outlined below, support generation of related skilled workforce and stimulate bioenergy production :
* LIQUID BIOFUELS (transportation fuels; home-heating oil; biodiesel from oil seeds & waste vegetable oil; ethanol; algae-biofuel);
* SOLID BIOFUELS (woody biomass; grass energy);
* BIOGAS & BIO-ELETCRICITY(the farm-based energy)
* BIOHEAT (heat capture from biomass e.g. compost)
* OTHER wide-range of Biofuels related science & technology topics, background & literature.

Program Director & Lead Instructor:  Anju Dahiya Ph.D. For program related information contact her.

Check out details from menu items on the left, including the Topics Covered, info about the Experts , the Hands-on/Service Learning Projects, and meet our Former Participants / Students

BioEnergy - Biomass to Biofuels Courses  

Registration open for FALL 2015 


1. ONLINE: Bioenergy Professional Certificate via Continuing and Distance Education 

2. ON CAMPUS::UVM campus and throughout Vermont. See info below: 

Register for Varibale Academic Credit: (2 to 4  College Credits for NR 285 - J- 95467  OR TRC 295 - A - 95426
Advanced special topics in natural resource planning beyond the scope of existing formal courses
Attributes: Also approved for Graduate Credit

Meetings: twice a week 09/18/2015 to 12/09/2015 (Fridays evening on-campus, and Saturdays morning field-trips)

Times:  On campus classes on Fridays (4:05 pm - 7:05 pm) , and field trips on Saturdays (10:00 am - 1:00 pm)  

Variable Credits:

1&2 credits: on-campus lectures with access to blackboard materials (No  field trips or hands-on project)

3 credit: on-campus lectures with access to blackboard materials hands on in-lab & field trip sessions (No hands-on project).

4 credit: on-campus lectures w/access to Blackboard materials, hands on in-lab & field trip sessions, hands-on project in partnership with a community partner engaged in related work

5 credit (special permission of lead instructor required): Same as in credit 4 except additional 1 credit hour for the hands-on project.

6 credit (special permission of lead instructor required): Same as in credit 4 except additional 2 credit hours for the hands-on project.

Textbook: Bioenergy - Biomass to Biofuels (Elsevier Science, Editor A. Dahiya)  available at: Amazon ; Barnes & Noble  ; Elsevier, and other readings recommended by the topic specific instructors.

Time/Day Exceptions: Classes start from September 18 onwards. September 17th is optional day for blackboard setup (participants who are unfamiliar with this online tool should contact lead instructor for that). Travel time to & from field trips for some long distance trips extra. Few days/weeks for self study and working with a community partner of choice.

Contact Registrar office or the student services at RSENR or TRC for your options. For syllabus related questions contact the lead instructor.

Registration Schedule, Tuition and Fees: More info>>

Previous Course Listings: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 crosslisted as ENSC 285, NR 285, PSS 296, TRC 295

Degree and non-degree seeking students (any background or department), farmers, budding entrepreneurs, teachers (interested in developing curriculum, or projects at school or college levels) and others are welcome

Check out the details from menu items on the left, including the Topics Covered, info about the Experts , the Hands-on/Service Learning Projects, and meet the Former Participants / Students

COURSE FLYER: When available please feel free to download a flyer to post at your location for anyone else who may be interested in this course. Thank you for your interest and participation in promoting alternative energy education! (Note: the course flyer links opens up in a new window)

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A. ON CAMPUS CLASSES: BY UVM FACULTY MEMBERS and EXPERTS from VT-based biofuels businesses;
B. HANDS ON FIELD WORK involving tours to Farms/Biofuel facilities & related projects;
C. TALKS by guest-speakers/experts from businesses;
E. ONLINE BLACKBOARD: supplementary classes/information including video clips and discussions;
F. HANDS-ON PROJECTS selected by students

PREREQUISITES  (we expect students from diverse backgrounds):
› Eligibility to enroll in a College program with basic understanding of renewable resources such as plants, preferably of biofuels related.
› Non-degree students (farmers, retired professionals etc.) contact lead instructor Anju Dahiya at
› Space permitting, also open to Ph.D. students, Post Docs and Auditing.

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