University of Vermont Purchasing Card

MasterCard Provider - Mellon Bank, Pittsburgh
        to activate card: 1-800-535-6807
        stolen, lost, or misplaced Purchasing Card: 1-800-258-9275

Program Administration Team
        Erin Fitzgerald, Program Administrator, x60885,
        Holly LeBlanc, x61300
        Ann Naylor, x61215,

Purchasing Card Limits

  • Transactions by the individual whose name appears on the front of the card.
  • Approved authorized limits - defaults are $4,999.99 per transaction and $25,000 per cycle. The cycle begins on the 28h of the month.
  • Use for University related purchases only.
  • Merchant category codes which are available to the University and to your card. Purchasing Card use is controlled by MCC Code (Merchant Category Code). For example, the University has all transactions at ATM’s automatically declined by Mellon Bank.
  • Each card is assigned to a default UVM chart string.

What You Can Purchase

  • supplies and materials
  • conference registrations
  • contracted scientific and office supplies
  • web orders
  • airfare
  • hotels
  • meals
  • car rental and other transportation


To Use the Card

  1. Call, visit or fax the supplier that you selected to place your order. You can place your order on-line via the worldwide web or through e-mail.
  2. Pay with your UVM Purchasing Card. Your vendor will require the following information:
    1. your name
      1. confirmation that you are a UVM employee
      2. your Purchasing Card number and expiration date
    2. UVM's sales tax exempt status. The University's Vermont Sales Tax exempt number is 450-030179440F-01.
    3. your campus delivery address
    4. your campus billing address
  3. Ask the vendor to provide a "priced packing list" with each shipment, a sales slip, or original receipt for each in-person purchase. TIP: Ask the vendor to fax you a copy of the invoice when you are placing the order. If you place an order over the Internet, there should be a screen showing exactly how much your card will be charged, including shipping. Print this page from your browser.


If your card is declined by the vendor, it may be because you have exceeded your spending limits (transaction or cycle), because the vendor's industry has been blocked for your card, or because the card was reported lost or stolen. Contact Procurement Services to resolve the problem.


You will receive an e-mail notification of the transaction, for your information only.

Completed, reconciled PurCard Journal Reports are routed to Procurement Services for audit 10 days after receipt and review of Mellon statement. PurCard Journal Reports are held by Procurement Services for seven years.

Cardholders are responsible for reallocation of transactions to other accounts or chart strings.

 Procurement Services is responsible for payment of the total Purchasing Card bill.

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Last updated 9/21/09