To add a new driver:

To add a driver, perform the following steps:

          Step                                       Action

          1      At the Directory, click the Account Maintenance button.

                  Result: The Account Maintenance screen is displayed.

          2      Under Driver Maintenance, click Add New Drivers.

                  Result: The Add New Drivers screen is displayed.

          3      At the Fleet Account field, click the Hierarchy Explorer icon, and then
                  find and click the department to which you want to add the driver.

          4      At the new driver data form:

                       Click the Hierarchy Explorer icon to find and click the department to
                       which you want to add the new driver.

                       Enter the driver name

                       Enter the driver ID number

                  Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the information is required.

          5      Have you finished entering the information necessary to add the new driver?

                  If yes, then click the Save button.

                  Result: The "Driver has been successfully added" confirmation screen is

                  If no, then click the Reset button.
                  Result: The screen clears and you can re-enter information.

                  Note: The new driver can be can be accessed by query within 24 to 48 hours.
      6          Click Okay.

                  Result: The New Driver Added confirmation screen displays the new driver.