University of Vermont

UVM Self-Study | NEASC Accreditation

Accreditation Standards Co-Chairs

Accreditation Co-Chairs

Jill Tarule · Associate Provost, 656-8513

Mara Saule · Dean of Libraries and Learning Resources, 656-2020

Standards Committee Co-Chairs

Standards 1, 2 & 3: Mission & Purposes; Planning & Evaluation; Organization & Governance

Domenico Grasso · Dean of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Robyn Warhol-Down · President of Faculty Senate; Professor of English; Director of the Humanities Center

Standard 4: The Academic Program

Cynthia Forehand · Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology; Chair of Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee

Eleanor Miller · Dean of Arts and Sciences

Standard 5: Faculty

Fran Carr · Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

Chris Landry · Professor of Chemistry

Standard 6: Students

Beverly Colston · Director of the ALANA Student Center

Annie Stevens · Assistant Vice President of Student and Campus Life

Standards 7 & 8: Library & Other Information Resources; Physical & Technological Resources

Jane Knodell · Special Assistant to the Provost/ Associate Professor of Economics

Kathy Marmor · Associate Professor of Art; Chair of the Faculty Senate Educational and Research Technologies Committee

Standard 9: Financial Resources

Rocki DeWitt · Dean of Business Administration

Ted Winfield · Associate Vice President Financial Analysis & Budgeting

Standards 10 & 11: Public Disclosure; Integrity

Ruth Farrell · Associate Vice President of Sponsored Programs

Tom Gustafson · Vice President of Student and Campus Life

Accreditation Project Manager

Nancy Bercaw · Assistant to the Dean of Libraries, 656-3294

Graduate Assistant to the Associate Provost

Meagan C. Burton · Graduate Student, HESA Program, 656-1303

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