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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2008

Present: Jill Tarule, Mara Saule, Robyn Warhol-Down, Tom Gustafson, DaleJaffe, Meagan Burton, Fred Curran, Dom DeGrasso, Jane Knodell, Ted Winfield, Rocki DeWitt, Fran Carr, Chris Landry

Absent: Bev Colston, Annie Stevens, Kathy Marmor, Cindy Forehand

  1. Data Requests

    Data requests will go out to deans and department heads the week of Jan 22-25. Any additions, changes or corrections should be submitted to Meagan Burton by Tuesday, Jan. 22. The process intends to minimize and consolidate requests, but this isn't the time committee members will be able to make such requests. A recommendation was made to remove the name of the standard associate with the request. Meagan will request that deans and/or department heads respond within two weeks.

  2. Narrative Status and Deadlines

    There was a discussion about aligning a first-draft of UVM Strategic Goals with NEASC Standards. Committee co-chairs clarified that the spread sheet was intended to be merely a report of how the "top" strategies from the retreat array in relation to the standards - i.e., how the wind might be blowing as committee members begin to think about the projection section. It was agreed that the spread sheets would not be shared beyond the steering committee and that they will marked "draft" and dated.

    The first draft of narratives is due Jan. 30, keeping in mind the iterative nature of the process. Changes and gaps pending further data, and considering the fluid strategic planning environment, are expected to be evident in these first "takes".

  3. What happens after January 30?

    After Jan. 30, the Steering Committee meetings essentially will become the introductory level of evaluating each group's summaries. At this stage, the meetings set for spring (twice a month) will remain on the schedule.

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