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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2007

Waterman 427A

PRESENT: Mara Saule, Jill Tarule, Nancy Bercaw, Meagan Burton, Jane Knodell, Ellie Miller, Dale Jaffe, Ruth Farrell, Bev Colston, Cindy Forehand, Ted Winfeld, Fran Carr

ABSENT: Chris Landry, Rocki DeWitt, Thomas Gustafson, Robyn Warhol-Down, Domenico Grasso, Kathy Marmor, Annie Stevens, Justin Joffe, Fred Curran

  1. Standards Committee Updates

    The standards co-chairs updated the committee on the status of their work groups. Most used the time immediately following the Accreditation Orientation on Sept. 17 to initiate efforts and to schedule subsequent meeting dates: Standards One, Two and Three (Robyn and Dom) are meeting Oct. 2; Standard Four (Ellie and Cindy) will meet Oct. 26; Standard Five (Chris and Fran) will meet again on Oct. 19; Standards Seven and Eight (Jane and Kathy) met on Sept. 26 and will meet again on Oct. 17 and Nov. 26; Standard Nine (Rocki and Ted) also will meet again Oct. 19.

  2. Update on Assessment/UPC Work

    Dale Jaffe updated the committee on his efforts regarding University planning and assessment as they relate to accreditation. See diagram at: He noted that the timing of UVM' self study, assessment and strategic planning puts UVM in a position to take action afterwards. The self study outcomes have an opportunity to be framed as a deliberative process.

  3. Committee Support

    The Accreditation Co-Chairs and support staff will continue their support of the Standards Committee while they continue collecting information. Specifically, Jill will help Standards 1-6 with questions. Mara will do the same for Standards 7-11. Meagan Burton has developed a Document Locator to help committees find the physical location of needed data and she will continue in those efforts. Nancy will continue to maintain the web page with all relevant and emerging information and will establish a section for document sharing. Mara, Jill, Nancy, Dale and Meagan will attend the NEASC Self-Study Workshop, Oct. 18-19 in Southbridge, Mass.

  4. Focus Groups

    Focus groups and open fora are being scheduled throughout the semester. Intended as a way to uncover major university themes, as well as to show evidence of broad UVM involvement, the meetings will help shape the Self-Study.

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