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Graduate and Medical Students

Some basic facts for Graduate and Medical Students about the UVM Student Health Insurance Policy (UVM SHIP):

  • Graduate students enrolled in 5 or more credits are eligible to purchase the UVM SHIP.
  • Medical students enrolled in 6 or more creidts are eligible to purchase the UVM SHIP.
  • Students enrolled in Grad 902 or Grad 903 are are also eligible to purchase UVM SHIP.
  • Students enrolled in Grad 903 are required to complete UVM's online insurance decision form, either to enroll in UVM SHIP or to verify other coverage.
  • Students enrolled in Grad 901 are not eligible for the UVM SHIP. They are also not eligible to use the services of the UVM Center for Health and Wellbeing.
  • UVM SHIP is only available to students who have paid the UVM Health Fee, either as a stand-alone fee or as part of UVM's Comprehensive Fee.
  • All students enrolled in UVM SHIP—including undergraduate, graduate, and medical—are covered by the same policy.
  • All routine/preventative care must be obtained at CHWB offices. The UVM SHIP does not cover this routine care at other locations. Keep this in mind if you are planning on doing academic work away from campus during the year.
  • UVM SHIP identifies the Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHWB) as the Primary Care Provider, and any student seeking care outside UVM CHWB is required to first obtain a referral from the CHWB or the UVM Student Health Insurance Office.
  • The referral requirement for covered services will be waived for those College of Medicine Students who are away on rotation or who seek care further than 50 miles from campus. All other students are required to first obtain a referral from UVM CHWB before seeking care in the area (including at the University of Vermont Medical Center).
  • Many doctoral students who are funded by the University will be granted a health insurance scholarship by their academic department. If eligible for a health insurance scholarship, a student must:

    1. Use UVM's online insurance decision form to enroll in the UVM SHIP.
    2. Obtain the insurance scholarship application from their academic department.
    3. Submit the signed application to the Graduate College for processing of any applicable refund.

Last modified July 21 2016 10:51 AM