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UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (UVM SHIP)

We have partnered with University Health Plans, Inc. (UHP) to offer the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (UVM SHIP) to eligible students. UVM SHIP provides comprehensive accident and sickness coverage while a student is at UVM and when they return home or travel.


Eligibility for UVM SHIP Coverage

As long as they have paid the UVM Health Fee, the following students are eligible for UVM SHIP coverage:

  • Any undergraduate, medical college or continuing education student taking 6 or more credits.
  • Any graduate student taking 5 or more credits.
  • International students holding F-1 or J-1 visas (enrollment is mandatory for these students).
  • Graduate students with "Grad 902" or "Grad 903" status.

Overview of UVM SHIP

We strongly suggest that you read the Summary of Benefits & Coverage and the Benefits Brochure to understand all the features and benefits of UVM SHIP.

  • Insurance coverage period: August 1 - July 31 each year.
  • Students enrolled in the UVM SHIP must pay the UVM Health Fee. The Health Fee covers routine/preventative health care and counseling at UVM's Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB), regardless of student insurance coverage.
  • All routine/preventative care must be obtained at CHWB offices. The UVM SHIP does not cover this routine care at other locations.
  • Students should obtain a referral from CHWB before obtaining care elsewhere. There is a $200 deductible for services obtained outside of CHWB without a referral.
  • Prescription Drug Coverage: After a co-payment, prescriptions are covered at 100% (in network), up to a maximum of $2,500 per policy year.
  • Psychiatric Services at CHWB: students with UVM SHIP are covered at 100% of the initial visit and 80% of each follow up visit.
  • Students who have purchased the UVM SHIP and who later withdraw or fall below 6 credits (undergraduates) or 5 credits (graduate students) may keep the insurance policy for the remainder of the semester from which they withdraw, but they are not eligible for CHWB services (even though they have also paid the Health Fee).

Vision and Dental Coverage

The UVM Student Health Insurance Plan is a basic medical and injury policy. The plan does NOT include vision or dental insurance. However, our service broker, University Health Plans, does provide separate Vision Care and Dental Care plans for interested UVM students. Students do NOT need to be enrolled in the UVM SHIP in order to purchase these plans. More information is available at the UHP website.


How to Enroll in UVM SHIP

To enroll in UVM SHIP coverage, students should complete the Annual Insurance Decision/Waiver Process as soon as possible after registering for that term's classes. The final enrollment deadline is September 15 for fall semester enrollment, but please complete the insurance decision process by August 15th.


Enrollment After the Enrollment Deadline

If a student waives UVM SHIP coverage, he or she can only enroll at a later date under certain very limited circumstances. For more information, contact University Health Plans directly.

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is serviced by University Health Plans and underwritten by the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Claims are paid by Consolidated Health Plans. The Prescription Drug Program is through Express Scripts. Emergency travel assistance is provided through MEDEX.

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