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UVM Self-help Web Guide

Help and Support

Content in this Web Guide was created by the UVM Web Team, a division of University Communications. The Web Team offers a number of ways to get help when building your website:

  1. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of building a website. For more advanced issues, consider help hours.

  2. Help Hours: By appointment for one-hour slots (Learn how to sign up.)

    Who comes to help hours? If you have your account username and password, but don't know what to do with them, and haven't been helped by our self-guided information, you can make an appointment to work with a Web Team member. By attending help hours, past clients have built their own unique homepages, implemented CSS design, even created photo galleries, special banners, and more. It's amazing how much you can achieve with a Web Team member sitting alongside of you.

  3. E-mail Support: If you've come to help hours, then return to your office only to realize you don't remember how to accomplish your goal, the Web Team is available for limited e-mail support at:

  4. Consult your peers on the UVM Web master listserv: UVM has a large community of departmental Web masters. Floating questions to these people via a listserv often returns great answers. Learn about signing up for the WEBINFO listserv:

    To join the uvmwebinfo listserv, send e-mail to: and type the subscribe command as the first line of your message along with the list name and your first and last name.

    Some examples:

    • sub uvmwebinfo Henry Somebody
    • sub uvmwebinfo Joan A. R. Person
    • sub uvmwebinfo Tom Lee III

    Once you are on, you may send a message to everyone on the list by sending e-mail to:

    To leave the uvmwebinfo list, send e-mail to: and type the signoff command (unsub will also work) as the first line of your message with the list name. For example: signoff uvmwebinfo

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