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College of Arts and Sciences Templates

Below you will find thumbnails of and links to .zip files of each of the five approved CAS template folders. Click on the image to see the template in a browser window. Then click on the link and you will be prompted to save or decompress the folder and then save it to your local computer.

Once you have decompressed the folder on your local computer, you can upload the contents of the folder to a test/development area in your your department's public_html folder. In that test area which you create, you can begin altering the text and specializing the template for your department.

Color and design choices for the College of Arts and Sciences

You choose the color: Whether you choose template 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, you may customize each with one of three colors: orange, blue or green (see color swatches below). You will be able to change the colors once you download any of the templates through the magicoptions.html file.

cas color choices

You choose the design: Therefore, you will notice below and when you download the files that they all default to the color blue. We encourage you to select a template based on its layout and how that layout will best display your department's content. Changing the color is quite easy.

Choose and download your template of choice

E-newsletter templates

The following template is used when your department sends news in the form of an e-mail. The final e-newsletter lives in your website for people to link to for further information. Also, if your e-mail client does not allow graphics, receivers can link to your website to see the newsletter in its entirety. All of the information lives in one html document. Links to the images are full urls to your image folder that you will download and place in your public_html folder.

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