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Class of '28
Gertrude Falvey Churchill was grand marshall for the parade celebrating the class of 1925 at Wallingford High School, where she graduated 75 years ago. She gave a little talk about her high school at the banquet.

Class of '29
Peg Corbin recently talked with Genevieve Hook, who lives in her family residence in Burlington. After a colder and snowier winter than in the past few years, we here in the Mohawk Valley of New York State are looking forward to spring. I hope it will be a bright and happy one for all of you.31George Minott of Shirley, Mass., wrote of his memories of his days at UVM, including mountain climbing days and the fountain fight.33Ethelda Miller Graves of Morrisville, Vt.; her daughter, Judith Graves Mace ’58, G’83, and grandson John Thomas Mace ’90 of Florence, Ala., met on UVM’s green last July to share a walk down memory lane. Each pursued a career in secondary education and continues to teach in their respective high schools.

Class of '34
Happy New Year to my fellow classmates! It is time to write another class column, and this time I have several news items. Thanks to those who sent them. Our 2001 New Year’s resolution is “Keep the news coming.” Please! Our class president, Chet Eaton, wrote that he has recently sold his Rutland home, and he now lives in an independent care unit elsewhere in Rutland. He has recovered from his recent health problems and is resuming a more normal life. Chet reported that he is very happy with his choice. Geneva Wilcox reported that she still lives in Mount Dora. She lives a quiet life but still drives her own car around and maintains her home by herself. Trudy Cook, who formerly lived in Mount Dora, now lives in Shelburne, Vt., at The Pillars. This news came in a letter from her daughter. Ellen Pearl Sanders wrote that she now lives in Bay Village, a retirement community on Sarasota Bay. She lives in a high rise and loves the view from her window. Ellen was looking forward to attending the luncheon at the Longboat Key Club when she wrote. As for news from the Hauke family, no more great grandchildren since last June. Because we have been blessed with a loving, caring family, I was able to have a happy holiday season. I traveled to Florida for several weeks in mid-January, and I visited our son and his wife in Jensen Beach and then our daughter, Margaret, and her husband in Naples, as well as friends in St. Petersburg before heading back to Vermont. It was fun, but I’m always happy to be back in Vermont.

Class of '36
We received notice that our scholarship fund was able to help five students this year: a senior from East Sandwich, Mass., studying psychology; a junior from Valatie, N.Y., studying animal science; a senior from New York City, studying community development and applied economics; a senior from Burlington, Vt., studying communication science; and a senior from St. Johnsbury, Vt., studying natural resources. Thanks to everyone who contributed generously to our scholarship fund. Don Davis is chairman of the organizing committee that is applying for a national All America award for Keene, N.H. He plans to attend our 65th reunion and is looking forward to seeing classmates. Eugene Merchant recently returned from Sydney, Australia, where he attended the weeklong 50th annual General Assembly of the International Institution for Production Engineering Research of which he is a past president. He was honored for having attended 39 consecutive association assemblies. William and Pauline (’38) Peters wrote from Zellwood, Fla., where they spend six months of the year. The other six months are spent at their cottage on Lake Champlain

Class of '37
It was wonderful to note that there are 146 names on our class roster. Hope everyone will start thinking about our 65th reunion coming up in 2002. Harriet Bingham wrote, “At 87, I am still going strong. I go on trips whenever I can.” My ”big” trip was to visit my sons in New Jersey and Long Island at Thanksgiving. Melvin Mandigo is retired and twice widowed. He was married again on December 23 to Nancy Harlan. Hope to hear from more of you.

Class of '38
Lyrace Flower Fontaine reported several interesting excursions down “Memory Lane” during the past year. She was interviewed by the New Haven Historical Society for an oral history tape of her first teaching experience at Beeman Academy. A reunion of her second school, Proctor High School, included her reminiscences by letter. Finally, a day-long, widely-attended reunion at Burlington High School provided an opportunity for her to share her memories of the longest and most-recent period of her career in education. She has been pleasantly overwhelmed by the response she has received in the wake of these events. Lyrace wrote from her new home in Bristol, Vt., where she lives with her sister. A letter from Katherine “Karie” King Dawalt brought the sad news of the death of her husband on December 15, 2000. Burial with full military honors was at Arlington Cemetery. Karie met her husband when he came to Fort Ethan Allen after graduating from West Point while her father was stationed there. They both loved Vermont, and she reminded us that they attended our 50th reunion as well as the UVM Bicentennial. We extend our sympathy to Karie on the loss of her husband. Bea Ball Phillips continues her musical activities under her banner of “Ribbons of Rhythm.” Last fall, she played piano for Vermont Federation of Women’s Clubs at Ryegate Corners and South Burlington. It was good to hear that Theresa Rowley Cosgrove, who lives in Chevy Chase, Md., is looking forward to our next class reunion. We have a bit of a wait, but it’s not too early to set our sites on our 65th. Dorothy Spelman Bartlett wrote from her home across the big water (Vermont’s big water, that is) in Chazy, N.Y., that she enjoys her view of Lake Champlain and Mount Mansfield from the New York State angle.

Class of '39
I am happy to report that our class scholarship fund was able to assist five deserving UVM students this year with a total of $11,000: a junior from Churchville, Pa., studying political science; a junior from Cumberland, R.I., studying radiation therapy; a senior from Bethel, Vt., studying art education; a senior from Moon Township, Pa., studying physical therapy; and a sophomore from S. Strafford, Vt., studying English. Special thanks to all those who contributed to our scholarship fund. Bernard Lisman wrote to say that he and Natalie have moved to a continued life-care community in Fort Myers, Fla. Martha Rist Suitor and husband John ’38 winter in the same area. I had a chat with Polly Rowe, and she is feeling quite well. Betsy Taylor Perry died in 1998, but her son wrote to tell me that her husband, John Perry, a biology professor, died in April 2000. Many home ec students will remember him. Please send me your news for an upcoming issue. I’d love to receive e-mail messages from classmates.

Class of '40
The University community was saddened by the death of Howard “Bud” Allen of Williston, Vt., on December 6, 2000. Bud was dedicated to the well-being of the greater Burlington community. Civic, social, and business organizations have benefited from his knowledge, expertise, and energy. Throughout his life, education in Vermont was a paramount concern. Bud was a trustee of the University of Vermont as well as several area schools. As our class president for many years, Bud was an enthusiastic supporter of the Class of 1940 Memorial Scholarship Fund. His family thoughtfully asked that contributions be made to this fund in his memory. As of this writing, more than 40 donations have been received. For the current academic year, 14 students were awarded scholarships. The fortunate students included four recipients from the Class of 1940 Endowed Scholarship Fund, who received a total of $8,050. I have received numerous letters from students who have expressed their appreciation for the financial assistance. Lucien Paquette and his wife, Loretta, reported an impressive UVM family roster, a record for our class. Eight of their 12 children have graduated from UVM. They have 32 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Lucien has enjoyed a rewarding career with the Vermont Extension Service. His nearly six years as county agent for Grand Isle were followed by 36 years as county agent for Addison. In 1948, he initiated the county Farm and Home Field Day. This event has become an institution in Addison County. Shirley Treat Sizer-Baker and her husband live in Wallingford, Pa., sufficiently near Philadelphia to be aware of the problems that beset urban America. George Hart delightfully comments that he is still hunting, fishing, and golfing. He is to be found in the Green Mountains in the summer and Florida in the winter. Lois Redding Grace wrote that she has moved to a wonderful retirement home. Sadly, her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, is in a nearby convalescent home. She enjoys frequent telephone conversations with her UVM roommate Charlotte Weisman Wise, who is a wonderful part of her life. Once again, thank you for writing and keep those messages coming. By the time you read this, it will be springtime in the Green Mountains. Those of you who spend the cold months in Florida will be coming home to the hills.

Class of '41
Hello, classmates! “No news is good news,” so they say, and I hope that old adage is true because I have no news to write this time. Carole Stetson Spaulding and I are hoping that as many of you who are able will attend our 60th reunion on May 31-June 3, 2001. Information about our plans and activities will be coming to you in the mail soon. Please make an effort to attend with your families and guests. It has been a while since our last big gathering, so help make this a fantastic celebration.

Class of '42
Our sympathy to the families of Floyd Campbell and Jean Mann Rembt. Floyd died at his home in Strafford, Vt. Among other things, he was the first person selected by the Soil Conservation Service to attend Harvard’s School of Public Administration, graduating with a master’s degree in 1960. He worked as a conservationist in Maine and as an administrator with the Conservation Service in Washington, D.C., until he retired in 1973. Jean was a retired dietitian and principal at a Long Island high school. She and her husband, Bill, who is retired from the Air Force, made their home in Niceville, Fla. Madine Holcomb Schmid let us know that she has been living in Ashlar Village, a Masonic retirement home in Wallingford, Conn., for the past three years. She looks forward to visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Greensboro Bend, Vt. Charlotte Scott Barnes retired from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in 1990, but she continues to teach early childhood education part-time at Wake Tech Community College. She was recognized at the state meeting of the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children last October. Mildred McRae Scotten wrote from Lyndon, Vt., that she “ended up marrying and never taught a full year.” She received her degree in 1961 and retired in 1962 after teaching in one-room schools in the area. She is active with her church, Grange, and local food shelf.

Class of '43
I recently received another very interesting news item. Florence Smith White wrote that she donated a miniature replica of Kenmore, the home of Betty Washington Lewis in Fredericksburg, Va., to the Kenmore Museum. The house is on exhibit at the Virginia Welcome Center on Route I-95 near Fredericksburg. The miniature has been Florence’s retirement project for nearly 20 years, and she would love to have UVM friends stop by to see it. Florence moved to a lovely retirement community near Oneonta, N.Y., to be near her husband, who is in a nursing and rehabilitation center. Her latest project is to make a quilt for each of her grandchildren as they graduate from high school. So far, she has made four, and she has three to go. Florence is already looking forward to our 60th reunion. Not too far away, is it? We also heard from Harry Twitchell, our world traveler, in November. He had been in Rome visiting the ancient and medieval historical sites. I think he also mentioned “beer and pizza.” I thought Italians drank wine! I was very pleased to visit by phone with Marjorie Abell Swift over the holidays. She sounded so wonderful and upbeat in spite of her health problems. Miss you, Marge. Red had a phone visit with Ralph “Bud” Kilburn, who lives in Canton, Conn. Ralph is doing well but reports that he is enjoying his recliner more and more. I had nice letters from Margot Benoit Downes and Mary Butler Bliss, both dorm mates at Robinson Hall. Mary, a retired Latin teacher, insists upon writing to me in Latin. Professor Prindle would be so pleased. Red and I had a new experience in early December. We were asked to be extras in the movie, “American Gun,” that was being filmed in Fair Haven and environs. We are in the funeral scene (wouldn’t you know) that took nearly seven hours to shoot. Watch for it to come out in about two years. I hope we don’t wind up on the cutting room floor. We were saddened by the death of Jane Wysolmerski, wife of classmate Zig, in December. Jane was a nurse by profession, but in later years she was able to develop her talents as an artist for the pleasure of all. She is sorely missed by her family and friends.

Class of '44
Hi, everyone! Sorry to have missed our last two columns. I’m back now from having my hip rebuilt last June in then verdant central New York. Both hips feel great, though accompanied by an imperfect gait. However, I don’t limp when we cross-country ski. Kathleen Little Campbell, who sadly lost her husband, Floyd ’42, last fall, has a busy time in Strafford, Vt. Floyd was a soil conservationist in Washington when he retired; Kay is a retired librarian. There are six Campbell children and 13 grandchildren. Kay often sees Barbara Hull Howe, who lives in Tunbridge. Kay also recounted that Russell and Priscilla Carpenter celebrated their 60th anniversary last December. Congratulations! Furthermore, the Carpenters’ son, Dr. James Carpenter ’67, was commissioned a Brigadier General in the Hawaiian National Guard in November 2000. Paul Waldron and his wife live in Guilford, Conn. Paul gave up ski trips after he endured several broken legs. He and his wife, a happy reader, have three daughters and six grandchildren. Their daughter Karin, is involved in Paul’s former business as an arborist; another daughter is an administrator in the School of Field Studies, an outdoor school near her home in Hamilton, Mass.; their third daughter is a psychiatrist, and her family lives in Weston, Fla. Other sad news is that that Rosemary Thayer Russo died last December in Osterville, Mass., where she and her husband, Joseph Russo, MD ’45, lived during most of their retirement. Rosemary had been a soloist with the Vermont Symphony, and she was a skier of note in her earlier days. Don Bigelow and his wife, Margaret, still live in Bethel, Vt., where their sons, Dennis and Jim, farm with them and raise Guernseys. The Bigelows five other children are elsewhere: Margaret is in Washington; Donna, in Arizona; Cathy, in New Jersey; Pat, in Idaho; and Beth, in Ohio. Dr. Rose Boyarsky and husband Saul Boyarksy, MD ’46, live in Chapel Hill, N.C. In recent years, Saul was chairman of the Lifelong Learning Institute at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., and Rose was a master gardener at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Rose now holds the same position with the North Carolina Botanical Gardens, and Saul deals with bio-ethics at the Keenan Center for Ethics at Duke University. One of their grandsons will graduate from Duke this year. Some of you will remember Emily Louise Dashner, who lived in Allen House her first year at UVM. She remembers Betty Smith and Penelope “DiDi” Easton. Emily left UVM to enter nursing school, and she and her husband now live in Whispering Pines, N.C., near Penelope, who lives in Pittsboro, N.C. Len and Betty Kunken are still in Orlando, Fla., where Len “hacks around the golf course.” The Kunkens enjoy their children and grandchildren. Both sons are lawyers, and their married daughter and her husband have two sons. Len would like news of Dwight Eddy and Bill Corey.

Class of '46
Greetings from Englewood, Fla., where I am visiting my sister, Pauline Bristol Noonan ’37! We are looking forward to having lunch with Mary Boardman Ciaschini and Chris Brown Pezzy ’37. Barbar Law Greenmore and husband now make their permanent home in Englewood but manage to visit Vermont each summer. A UVM alumni dinner was enjoyed recently by Betty Johnson Bahrenburg and Eleanor Anderson Reed. The host and hostess were Jim ’69 and Betsy Reed (’72) Bahrenburg, their children. Don’t forget our upcoming 55th reunion on May 31-June 3, including the Green and Gold Luncheon. Some of our classmates who said they’d be there are Mary Lou Adsit, Nancy McNamara Harris, Elizabeth Naess Pisdon, Florence Reid Gardner, Mary Jean Dunsmore Cox, Joan Garrity O’Brien, Mary Boardman Ciaschini, Peggy Miller Logan, Betty Johnson Bahrenburg, Eleanor Anderson Reed, and Alberta Reid Reed. Check with other classmates you are in touch with and plan to see them at Reunion in June. Don’t forget about our class gift. Remember, we were the class with the largest percentage of donors in 1996. Our condolences to Olga Schoelles Wackerman on the passing of her husband. Jacqueline McCormick Schilling volunteers to help overworked teachers. She wants to know what her grandchildren are being taught.

Class of '47
Mary Kinerson Quimby wrote that she and her husband, James, are enjoying retirement in the beautiful city of Brevard, N.C. They are near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The mountains are glorious, there’s a lot less snow, and it’s not so cold, but they miss New England. Friends and classmates of Maud-Ann Wiggins Durgin were saddened to learn of her death on September 9, 2000, after a long illness. She had lived in Newport, Vt., for 47 years and was predeceased by her husband, Delmar Durgin, MD ’47.

Class of '49
Lawrence Dale of Colorado Springs, Colo., wrote that he and his wife, Shirley, celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary in June 2000. Sadly, Shirley died in September 2000, following a battle with cancer. George Sumner of Springfield, Vt., retired as national sales manager of Fellows Corp., of Springfield, Vt. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf. Madelaine Jackson Beaumont and her husband, Jules, are Florida bound to join a cruise through the Caribbean. However, they will look forward to returning to their beloved Hamptons with two cats and a dog. Allaire Nownes and her husband, Frank, celebrated the arrival of their first great-grandson. Another one is due in June. Allaire and Frank have settled into their new home in Hampton, N.H., and both are in good health. Nancy Tobey Shisler and her husband, Joe, took the summer off from camping because of Joe’s health. He is doing quite well, and they are camping this winter from their home in Zephyrhills, Fla. They plan to attend a big rally in Louisiana in June.

Class of '50
It was very good to see so many of you at our reunion last June and to read about your lives in our Memory Book. I hope that from our renewed acquaintance will come more contact with each other now that most of us are retired. Let’s try to get together in June when the class of 1951 is having their 50th. Bob and Thelma Cole Perkins enjoyed our 50th reunion as well as Bob’s 55th reunion from Rutland High School and Thelma’s old home week in Wilmington, Vt. At reunion, they were pleased to run into Bob’s freshman English teacher, Professor Emeritus Betty Bandel, and to visit, among other places, Ira Allen Chapel, where they were married in 1949. They reported visiting Boston for a few days, where they especially liked the Museum of Science. They also drove to Maine in the fall and camped in Acadia National Park.

Class of '51
1Malcolm Wentworth of Clinton, N.Y., continues to work part-time as the district clerk at a public school. He also is a water color landscape painter. Don’t miss our golden celebration at Reunion.

Class of '52
Bertina Pope Lawliss of Amesbury, Mass., and her husband, Don ’65, are enjoying retirement. They get back to Vermont and UVM as often as they can, if only to buy maple syrup. Lois Quinlan Quagliano made her fifth trip to Italy. She loves the country and its contrasts, and she and her husband spent a week in Milan and Verona and a week in Sicily. They were also Italian language students.53We are sad to report the passing of Patricia Williams Morris on October 20, 2000. Pat has been a loyal and devoted member of our class, and she served as our class secretary for many years. She will be greatly missed by all. Virginia Moffatt Zahner is a soloist with the Troubadors, a group of entertainers who visit nursing homes. She also is a regular soloist at the VA Hospital in Erie, Pa. Dave Manners continues to represent five eastern New York State firms selling horticultural products. He works out of his home in Williamstown, Mass. Dave and his wife, Joan, are the proud grandparents of six granddaughters and three grandsons. Lynn Davis of Radford, Va., has a new grandson, Michael Davis Cairo, who was born on July 5, 1999. She enjoys visiting him and his parents in New Jersey. Mary Menard Noone recently retired as an outreach nutrition coordinator at CVPH Medical Center in Plattsburgh, N.Y. She still works part-time at the Clinton County Health Department on a seven-county diabetic coalition grant. Melvin Somers of West Danville, Vt., published two books of poetry. He is listed in Who’s Who in America 1998 and Who’s Who in the East 1997-98. Two of his poems have been published in the National Library of Poetry and may be accessed on the internet. Bernice “Binky” Berger Miller spends her summers in Thetford, Vt., although her home is in Bal Harbor, Fla. Her children and grandchildren, David, Eric, Steven, Nicole, and Alexandra, all visit her in Thetford. Shirley Hassell Keller has enjoyed working for Hospice for the past seven years. She loves being active in her church, and she invites friends to visit Bok Tower, where she is a docent. Kermit Reilly, officially retired from the postal department, now enjoys more free time. He lives in Londonderry, Vt.

Class of '54
Richard Ziter, MD, recently played a joint concert for the benefit of Recordings for the Blind. Richard is a retired ophthalmologist. Theodore Milberg, no longer a “snowbird,” has been living in Delray Beach, Fla., for the past four years. His son recently moved nearby, and his daughter and granddaughter live in New Jersey. Theodore enjoys playing tennis, painting, and reading. Robert Bacon retired in 1986 after 40 years of teaching high school and junior high. He lives in East Thetford, Vt., and volunteers at the senior center and works with high school alumni and the local American Legion post. Martha Riddell Murphy still lives in sunny Boca Raton, Fla. She operates a small book publishing company. Martha recently returned to her high school in Vermont for her 50th reunion. Lyle Salter enjoys hunting, fishing and playing golf and bridge. He and his wife, Ruth, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently. Susan Van Wagner Levitt moved to a new house in Marshall, N.C., with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She continues to teach piano and play at services in her church.

Class of '55
It must be winter doldrums time because I have heard from so few of our classmates for this issue, or everyone is basking in the Florida sunshine or hitting golf balls. At this writing, Bill Battles is at Killington having a great time ski racing. Some things never change. It continues to be a treat to return to Vermont. We hope to see many classmates when we visit Stowe. We received a brief note from Kathleen Bryson Jannicky, who wrote from Hilton Head Island, S.C. She hoped we’d all stay warm up North. Robert Crawford retired in May 1999, after a 42-year career in the business world. He spent the last 37 years in sales management positions within the food industry. Bob continues to work as a part-time courier at Automatic Data Processing. His wife will retire shortly after a 40-year career with Pillsbury. The Crawfords will move to their lake home in northern Minnesota. I need news from all of you, wherever you are. It’s such fun to keep up with each other’s lives. More anon.

Class of '56
Eugene Levin of Little Neck, N.Y., let us know that, although he majored in physics at UVM and went on to become a physics professor, he began writing as a hobby nearly 18 years ago. He has now had seven short stories published, and now, his first novel, The Inn at the End of the World, is available through XLibris. He hopes classmates will enjoy this light-hearted, modern fantasy story. Harrison and Jane Newton Sawyer are involved in their community of Portland, Maine, and love it. They also spend lots of time with their family: two daughters, two grandchildren, and a cat. The Sawyers play golf and tennis and spend January through March in Naples, Fla. Jane does some freelance writing, and Harry is still active in his real estate business. Henry Schriever, M.D., and his wife, Katherine Warren ’57 Schriever, are now retired and living on Long Beach Island on the Jersey shore. Their summers are filled with many visits from their children and nine grandchildren. The Schrievers are also involved in their son’s mariculture business, which includes the spawning, planting, and
harvesting of clams. Robert and Doris Feitelson are living in Poughquag, N.Y., in their retirement and enjoying life with their four grandchildren, who fortunately live nearby. Their niece, Deb Markowitz ’83, is Vermont’s secretary of state. Robert Bisbee retired in 1999
from Lockheed Martin. Betsy-Jane Hertzberg Steady reports that she loves being retired. Hope to hear from more classmates for the next issue.

Class of '57
Hello classmates. We have news from Bill Higgins, who let us know that he has retired, moved from Peru, N.Y., and now makes his home in Hayward, Calif., with his wife, Doo (pronounced “dough”). Bill and Doo recently took a Hawaiian cruise to celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. They have eight grandchildren. Ada Pratt Polianos of Peoria, Ariz., is back to teaching special education after three years of retirement. She became certified to teach in Arizona and began teaching in the same month. Frederick Burkle and his wife, Phyllis, live in Annapolis, Md. Frederick’s expertise in the medical field has taken him to places such as Turkey, Ethiopia, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, and Kosovo. He has written on the subject of disaster management and has consulted on numerous humanitarian emergencies around the globe.

Class of '58
Melvin Freibaum and his wife recently moved to Tampa, Fla., to be near their three children and three grandchildren. To keep busy, he has been coaching high school football and his grandson in Little League baseball. Carolyn Hunt Wall has joined husband Don in retirement. She wrote, “I am enjoying retirement and have no idea how I worked so hard before. To read the paper thoroughly is a delight, for starters.” Travel plans are in the making, maybe even a trip East. Happy Spring!

Class of '59
Dr. Walter Foucher of Hopewell Junction, N.Y., retired in 1996 as manager of human resources at Texaco. Winter weekends, he teaches skiing at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vt. Among the various trips he has taken, he has sailed such faraway waters as the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Recently, Walter fulfilled a long desire to ski in the Southern Hemisphere by skiing in Portillo, Chile. E. Thomas Eggert of Lake View, N.Y., retired from Aetna Insurance Co., where he worked as an insurance investigator. Currently, Tom stays in touch with Buffalo broadcasting activities and the personalities who, through the years, have become his close friends. While at UVM, Tom was a broadcaster at WRUV. As an active member of Sigma Nu fraternity, his other interest has been maintaining regular contact with fraternity officers at their national headquarters. On my arrival at Manchester Municipal Airport on October 6 for some school business, Joanna Henderson met me and drove me to her home in Hopkinton, N.H. There I met again with her husband, Skip. Over coffee, Joanna and Skip gave me the grand tour of their “farm house,” nestled in the New Hampshire woods near this quaint, country town. Joanna has three children plus grandchildren. She works out of her home as a college recruiter.

Class of '60
Ira Raff, MD, a urologist in Danbury, Conn., has received a master’s degree in history from Western Connecticut University. Ira and his wife, Tobi, a nurse manager for an ob-gyn group, have two children. Ira spends his spare time biking and kayaking. Harvey Moskowitz became a trustee for the Atlanta Law School Fellows Program Foundation after he retired from his position as a prosecutor and a judge. Terence Macaig retired in December 2000 after 38 years with the Vermont Department of Health. Helen Fellows retired from teaching French in the Oakland, Calif., schools. She lives in San Francisco, and is studying Spanish and vacationing regularly in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Class of '61
Cynthia Beilig Bendelac wrote from San Rafael, Calif., that she continues to import folk art and high fashion from Morocco. He hikes weekly on Mount Tamalpais. Cynthia spent 16 days in central China visiting Buddhist monasteries with other members of the Green Gulch Zen Center. Phyllis McNellis Ben-Kori of Merritt Island, Fla., still enjoys her dental hygiene career after 39 years. She loves being near her grandchildren, who recently moved to Merritt Island. Phyllis takes several cruises a year; the most recent one was to Alaska last July. Sally Nadon and Jay Pedley were married on July 22, 2000, in Northfield, Vt. Louise Magram Weiner and husband Sheldon, MD ’64, wrote that they retired as of April 1 and have moved to Bonita Springs, Fla. They invited any classmates visiting southwest Florida to stop by at one of their Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops in Naples, Bonita, or Fort Myers. Joyce Edson Reischuck of Brattleboro, Vt., welcomed her first grandchild, Janine Marie Bensen, on May 31, 1999. Joyce’s article, "Vermont Winter—Recipes and Reflections," was published in The Vernon Newspaper last October.

Class of '62
Jeanne Bonneau Kennedy moved into the political arena after working in dental hygiene for many years. She is sole proprietor of JB Kennedy Associates, a lobbying and meeting management firm. Elliott Rosenbaum is a member of the board of directors of the Valley Stream, N.Y., Chamber of Commerce, for whom his firm serves as legal counsel. He writes a monthly law article in the local newspaper. Robert Adler of New York City wrote that his sons attend Bronx High School of Science and LaGuardia Performing Arts High School. He is still gardening, collecting books, and “doing teeth."

Class of '63
Frank Leonhartt is a part-time engineer with a Salisbury, Md., company. He and his wife, Mariellen Hanrihan (’60) Leonhartt, have sons who are engineering graduates from the University of Delaware, and three daughters, a pharmacist, a Philadelphia College of Pharmacy student, and a special education teacher. Judi French is vice president for compensation at Litton PRC in McLean, Va. Robert and Polly Hemingway Franz live in Boise, Idaho. Polly retired after teaching science in Vermont and Idaho for 31 years. She now enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Robert works for Boise Cascade Corp. They would love to hear from UVM friends.

Class of '64
Linda Blow O’Connor wrote about the month-long cross- country car trip she and her husband, Jim, enjoyed last summer. They visited their son, Scott, in Los Angeles and fellow UVM grads Gary and Marion Gladding Winch at their Pacifica, Calif., home. Leonard Neman is enjoying his return to classroom teaching and is looking forward to seeing old friends at future reunions. Mitch Jablow, MD, is a senior partner in a family practice in Marietta, Ga. His wife, Leslie, is a dancer, and his daughter, Laurie is a law student on the Law Review at Georgia State University. While attending a class in Boston, my husband, Duane ’63, met the instructor, Jean Lawson McKenny, who is with the Vermont Institute for Science, Math and Technology in Montpelier. It would be great if more of you shared some news with us.

Class of '66
Max Alin (who graduated as Warren Sklar) settled in Seattle 30 years ago and was an actor and theater manager at ACT (A Contemporary Theater, the stage theater founded by former UVM professor Dr. Gregory Falls). Max has been with Seattle City Light for more than 20 years in several positions, most recently as a power marketer involved in buying and selling wholesale electricity. His volunteer time is spent with outdoor and environmental groups, trail building in Washington state and working in archaeology in New Mexico as well as with the Seattle Art Museum. In addition, he is a licensed massage practitioner and owner of Burntwater Gallery, specializing in Navajo weavings. Brian Andrews wrote that he and his wife, Lucy, recently returned to Maine after two years in Singapore with Eagle Services Asia. Janice Rood Buker and husband Steve own a small business in Lincoln, Vt., called Steve’s Southern Truck parts. She wrote, “Owning our own business has given us freedom to enjoy both roots and wings.” They have two grown children and have been able to do lots of traveling across the country. Your class secretary, her husband Ken McGuckin, and Carol Neiman Spatz all attended the wedding of Nancy Castellanos Miller’s daughter, Anna, in Hanover, N.H., on January 13. Think Reunion! Are your reservations made; is your registration mailed? We all look forward to seeing many of you very soon.

Class of '67
The Rev. Lloyd Vannorden retired from the Air Force Reserve with the rank of Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel after 30 years of service. Lloyd wrote that he and his wife, Lory, have enjoyed vacationing in the home they purchased in Grantham, N.Y., for their retirement. They plan to become full-time residents in 2004.

Class of '68
Wayne Conner retired from Boeing in June 1999 and started his own remodeling business, Rent-A-Husband, etc. Business has been doing so well that Wayne has not had a lot of time for golf. Scott and Nancy Edson are preparing for retirement. Both their children graduated from UVM. Their daughter teaches at Sonille School in Bolton, and their son is a physical therapist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Charles and Paula Windus let us know that Charles competed in and finished the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii in 1997 and 2000. Wow! Susan Parker updated us on her life and many careers. She currently serves as a senior rehabilitation advisor in vocational rehabilitation to the International Labour Organization in Geneva, the oldest United Nations agency. Since graduating from UVM, Susan has learned the hotel business, raised her family, developed community ski and kindergarten programs, been a psychiatric social worker at Waterbury State Hospital, earned her master’s degree in social planning from Boston College, worked as Maine’s commissioner of mental health and mental retardation, served as associate commissioner for disability in the U.S. Social Security Administration, and was CEO of Rehabilitation International, an international non-governmental organization consulting with the U.N. Susan has had many remarkable achievements, but through it all, her heart returns to home either in Vermont or nearby New Hampshire. Brenda and Lee Roy report that all is well in Yarmouth, Maine. Brenda continues to serve as principal of a Portland High School. Lee manages the North Yarmouth Academy Ice Arena. Son Travis graduated from Boston University last May and plans to live in Boston. Their daughter recently gave them their first grandchild. Congratulations! Jon Pitman, MD, represented UVM at the inauguration of the new president of Colby College.

Class of '69
Valerie Audette Hall was named Massachusetts Marine Educator of the Year. A science teacher at Nantucket High School for the past 14 years, Valerie lives on Nantucket with her husband, Bob, and daughters Emily and Julia. Barbara Knapp Hamblett served as a consultant to UVM’s Robert Hull Fleming Museum on the Charles Louis Heyde exhibit. The exhibit’s catalog includes an essay taken from her master’s thesis. Marjorie Gregory McNinch of Wilmington, Del., published four books on local Delaware history during the 1990s. Her latest book, a postcard history of Wilmington, Del., came out in December 2000. She has worked at the Hagley Museum and Library for the past 30 years. Alice Raymond Smith is chair of the family and consumer science department at Addison Trail High School in Illinois. She devotes her volunteer time to the American Association of University Women, of which she is president. Andrew Kilpatrick, a stockbroker at Prudential Securities in Birmingham, Ala., is the author of the recently published book, Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett. Mary Moninger-Elia has been teaching in West Haven, Conn., for the past 32 years, and she currently teaches world geography at Bailey Middle School. Mary continues to serve as president of the West Haven Federation of Teachers and vice president of the Connecticut Federation of Educational Professional Employees

Class of '70
Katherine DeBoer was awarded tenure and a promotion to associate professor in 2000. She continues as director of vocal studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, music department. Katherine also performs as a soprano soloist. Ayn Baldwin Riehle‘s son, Tanner Howe, is a New York University student and her son, Nicholas Coffrin, is a UVM student. Ayn is an artist, represented by Vermont Fine Arts in Stowe. She and her husband spend eight months on their Savage Island sheep farm and four months sailing in the Caribbean.

Class of '71
Starting where we left off last time, “the cruise to nowhere” with Joanne, Liz and Mags, resulted in many conversations about Dick Peisch and others who shall remain nameless. Hope everyone caught the Golden Globes in January to see David Franzoni and his colleagues accept the “Best Film” award for Gladiator. At press time, we’re anxiously awaiting the results of the Academy Awards. Mona Stein Klaber wrote that she is still living near Chicago with her husband and son Robbie. Her older son is in his first year at Yale. Mona met Sheri Kaplan Papish ’70 for dinner when she was in Chicago visiting her sister, Robbie ’72. Sue Adler Weingarten is living in Kinnelon, N.J., with her husband and son. Mona would love to hear from classmates. News from Peter Spear is that he will be exploring remote places rather than working in his consulting business. He’s on his way to central Asia soon, just for the heck of it. Hope he swings by UVM to say hello before he goes. David Miller wants to be in touch with his fraternity brothers, Bill Allard and Harvey Bond. David is currently analytical services/R&D director of Estee Lauder Cosmetic Companies. He lives in Northport, N.Y. Oldest daughter Jaclyn received her MS in public health from Columbia University. David’s other daughter, Jamie, is working on a fashion merchandising degree at SUNY Oneonta. A follow up on Paula Christofoletti since the fall issue: She was awarded the annual national Rookie of the Year Award from the National Association of Disability Examiners. Penny DeLaire Pillsbury and Keith ’69 have lived in Burlington for the past 27 years. Their daughter attends the University of Wisconsin, and their son attends the University of Michigan. Penny has been library director at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction since 1986 and has served as the first woman president of the Essex Rotary Club. Keith has taught in Essex Town middle schools for 27 years. We’re looking forward to hearing about their biking vacation in Ireland this summer. Martha “Marty” Grodsky Reed is working with Top Enterprises, an Internet-based business in the Boston area. She and her husband had a great time at the Rose Bowl in January. We received a press clipping from the Hartford Courant about Carol Giardi, reporting that she was named the state’s Outstanding Elementary Art Educator for 2000. She teaches at the John F. Kennedy School, and she lives in West Hartford with her daughter, an architectural student at Catholic University. Carol has started innovative programming in her school for students and other teachers. Congratulations! Susan Emily Campbell ’71 visited campus in December. She looks just as great as she did in the 60’s. Susan has taken a break from her health care profession to pursue an accelerated MBA program. Her kids are well, and one took a tour of UVM. Andrew Gassman wrote from Needham, Mass., that he continues to have wonderful memories of our time at UVM. He said that life is going full circle for him because his daughter is interested in attending UVM. Erick Lace was happy that after 10 years of living in Los Angeles his oldest daughter, Tiffany, was in her first movie, “The Kid,”and they finally met a movie star, Bruce Willis. Sandra Simpson wrote that she is working at the Wiesbaden Army Air Field in Germany for the 3D Corps Support Command, performing logistical duties. She retired from the military in 1993 after 20 years of service and is now working for the government as a civilian. She has a house in Holland that she uses for weekends and vacations, where she will retire. Sandra wrote that she looks forward to attending our 30ish reunion in 2002, which we will celebrate with the classes of ’72 and ’73. If Sandra can get here from Germany, those of you stateside surely can make it.

Class of '72
Hi, everyone! Thanks to all who wrote. Please make sure to mark your calendars for our 2002 30th reunion with the classes of ’71 and ’73. This will be a great time to get together with friends from our own and surrounding classes. Be there or be square. Matthew Hoffman, D’90, has left Vermont and his 27-year career as an engineer. He accepted an invitation to join the missionary staff of FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, where he is responsible for planning and administering several FamilyLife marriage conferences across the country. Matt and Lorraine now live in Little Rock, Ark. Marcy Sayles Farmer is living in Pennyslvania and has enjoyed teaching French to junior high students while working toward teaching certification in Spanish. Her 9th graders enjoyed visiting Montreal and Quebec for a long weekend in June. Marcy wrote, “Thanks UVM for getting me started on a dream of a teaching career.” Nancy Tabke Ooms has returned to teaching physical education and health after taking time off to raise two sons. Now that her sons are in 5th and 9th grades, Nancy is teaching
in elementary and middle schools in Livingston, N.J. Susannne Thayer-Kramers continues to practice cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. Dirk is involved in many exciting engineering projects involving racing yachts. Zack is active in football, and Max is an avid dinghy sailor, who also loves ice hockey. Susanne wrote, “Hope there’s room for him on the 2008 UVM team.”

Class of '73
Carolyn Sheehan is living in Weare, N.H., and working for an area agency as a residential manager. She got her master’s degree from Springfield College in 1998. “I would love to hear from classmates who remember the Milford Filmore, the Chicken Bone, and biochem with Dr. Beth Hart,” she wrote. John Mele lives in Wrentham, Mass., and has two kids in college. He wrote that he and fellow Shelburne Seagulls Barry Lundquist, Ross McDonald, and Al Luther and their families held another weekend reunion in Washington, N.H., last summer. He noted that, “Even though the golf game was rained out, a good time was had by all.” Donna Mathias is living in West Chester, Pa., and has been a certified school nurse for the last eight years. She has a son at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Another son, a high school junior, is considering UVM. Tom and Jane Isaacs (’74) Zenaty have lived in Shelburne, Vt., for 15 years. Jane is a counselor with the Burlington schools, and Tom is a social work administrator with SRS in Waterbury. They have two children: Leah, a junior in college, and David, a high school senior.

Class of '74
Paul Agnew teaches earth science at Beekmantown Central School, splitting his time between BOCES, providing PT in two local school districts, and early intervention and preschool home programs. Paul and his wife, Donna Cummings Agnew, live in Morrisonville, N.Y. Their son, Scott, is
a high school student, and their daughter, Rebecca, loves horses, skating, and drama. Kevin Andres of Milton, Vt., was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives, beginning in January 2001. Jill Stevens and her husband, John Lincoln, live in Fairfax, Vt., with their son, Noah. Jill is a speech-language pathologist at Georgia Elementary and Middle School. Debra Ludwig Finn of Wayland, Mass. loves being the parent of a UVM student. She has enjoyed experiencing UVM again through her son’s eyes.

Class of '75
Things were embarrassingly slow in the ’75 column of the last Vermont Quarterly. Thanks to all who have since sent in class news. Did you know that since graduation, the reputation of classes from our era is one of apathy? Let’s continue to work on changing this. Priscilla Barrowclough is teaching art and music in inner city Newark, N.J. It is a real challenge since classes exceed 35 children. Art work in her studio is at a standstill since teaching absorbs all of her time. Mark Fox and his wife, Anita, became parents for the third time with the birth of their second son, Gregory Aaron, on December 28, 2000. Mark is a partner in a Lansing, Mich., based law firm, where he handles commercial and intellectual property. David Hurwitz has been named vice president and general manager of ZILA Company’s consumer pharmaceuticals division, based in Phoenix, Ariz. Hilary Jameson is still teaching art at H.B. Plant High School in Tampa, Fla., where she recently was named Teacher of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year. She developed a web site (http://www.pgteen.org/) to help parents choose youth film entertainment more wisely. Barbara Kelley of Pasadena, Calif., former president of Transamerica Financial Resources, now semi-retired, was part of a ten-member Global Volunteers team that spent two weeks teaching English and immersing herself in summer camp in Poland. Barbara Frankel Leebaw is the executive editor of Allegiant Media, publisher of DiversityInc.com, a national news website. She lives in New Brunswick, N.J., with her husband, Jeff, and children Ross, a PACE University student, and Genna, a high school student. Christopher Maylahn has been enjoying life raising three children with his wife, Katherine. He is director of the Bureau of Health Risk Reduction at the New York State Health Department. He has lived in Albany for the last 20 years, but he crosses the Vermont border frequently to keep grounded. Michael Schwartz joined Regis Philbin last December and made it to the “hot seat” on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” He wishes he had done better, but he has great memories of an eventful day at ABC Studios. Michael lives in Princeton, N.J., with his wife, Bernadette, and children Edward and Kerry. Robert Peeples of Brattleboro, Vt., was appointed to the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees. He has had more than 30 years of experience in education; and since 1984, he has served as a guidance counselor for the Brattleboro Area Middle School.

Class of '76
Three months and counting until our 25th reunion. Based on the number of phone calls and emails, a record attendance is anticipated for the class of 1976. Please be sure you add something to our class memory book, which can be found on the Web at http://alumni.uvm.edu/2re/re01_class76_memory.htm
At press time, 212 class members had contributed $113,402, which is 45 percent of our class gift goal. Speaking of giving, Paul Ugalde was recently appointed director of special gifts at Vermont Public Television. Paul will be responsible for seeking major donations from individuals to support their programming. Prior to joining Vermont Public Television, Paul was director of development for Burlington City Arts. Margaret Hilly-Anderson has been spending winters in Florida, training and competing her horse in dressage under the tutelage of Ruth Hogan-Paulsen ’88. Margaret’s husband, Ron, visits every few weeks from their home in Vermont. Catherine Fenton was named social secretary for Laura Bush. She had been deputy social secretary for Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush, and then served as social secretary to the Japanese ambassador in the U.S. She and her husband, Tim, live in Skillman, N.J.

Class of '77
Lester Sheinfeld is vice president of development for the Arnold P. Gold Foundation in Englewood, N.J. which fosters humanism in medicine. Sherri Betton Lewis and her husband, Herb, of Canton, Mass., celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Daughter Rebecca is a student at Boston University, and son Benjamin is a high school student. Peter Evans and Debra Maloney-Evans continue to live in the Northfield, Vt., home they built in 1980. Peter is principal of Northfield Middle and High School, while Debra is a family nurse practitioner at the Montpelier Health Center. Their sons, Jackson and Ross, are college students, while daughter Erin is finishing high school. Stephen Monroe and his wife own a research and publishing firm specializing in health care investments. They invite UVMers to check their business out online at www.levinassociates.com. They and their four children live in New Canaan, Conn. Robert and Paulla Wales Brown of South Hamilton, Mass., have two sons: Robbie, a student at Sarah Lawrence College, and Phil, a high school student. Paulla is a probate paralegal for a Boston area law firm. The Browns spend most of their free time on the golf course. Frederick Kapinos lives in Longmeadow, Mass., with his wife and three children. He has practiced general dentistry for the past 18 years.

Class of '78
Hi, classmates. I hope this issue of Vermont Quarterly finds you well and looking forward to a beautiful spring 2001. I have been working since last August as a contract negotiator at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, based in Wilmington, Del. Since I last wrote, I went to Boston for a weekend wedding and hooked up with one of my old roommates, Robin Raymond Robertson ’79. We hadn’t seen one another since 1977, so it was quite a visit. Robin managed to embarrass me only slightly in front of my husband, recalling ‘days of yore.’ Coincidentally, I also heard from another of my roommates, Amy Sue Lazarus, who was off to Tampa for the Super Bowl with her husband Gene Goldberg ’76 and their sons. Finally, yet another of my roommates, Andrea DeAngelis, informed me that she left her position at Peerless Insurance, and she is now manager of volunteer service at Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central New York, Inc. The foundation is dedicated to granting the wishes of children who are living with life-threatening illnesses. Andrea said that she really enjoys her new position. In classmate news other than my old roomies, Andrea Pepitone, an ENVS student, wrote that she “is horrified at the thought of environmental degradation under George W.” Although she doesn’t hug trees for a living, Andrea lives in Lake Oswego, Oreg., and would love to hear from friends of long ago. Stan Przybylinski wrote that he is interested in trying to get an extended family from those who lived in Chittenden 1 from 1974-75 to attend our 25th reunion in 2003. Stan has talked with several people, including Chris Henningsen and Herb Gilman, who both expressed interest. Stan hopes to hear from Max Martin, Peggy Hilliard, and Chris Angell. He hopes that they and others will contact people about the reunion. He concluded by saying that “everyone should think about attending our 25th reunion.” I couldn’t have said it better, Stan. Kathryn “Katey Starr” O’Malley, who graduated with us from the dietetics program, wrote that she lived in Simpson and L/L and was also a Tri-Delt for three years. She has lived in Eliot, Maine, since 1980. Her husband, Tom, is a high school administrator, and, 10 years ago, she changed careers to become a third grade teacher. Kathryn has five children, the eldest of whom is at UConn. Kathryn stays in touch with Karen “Mock” Hine of Massachusetts. Holly MacIvor Robbins wrote that Karen McCarthy Lavery and her husband, Jim, came from Long Island to visit her at her cottage, “The Limit,” on Lake Champlain. She continued, “The weather was cool, but we had a great time catching up.” Holly indicated that she and Rosemary Noonan, a nurse in the operating room at Fletcher Allen Healthcare in Burlington, Vt., are still best friends, that their children go to the same elementary school, and that they see one another often. Holly presently works part-time in out-patient surgery. Deborah Tanch Everett of Brookline, Mass., wrote that she and her husband, Ted, had a baby boy, Edwin “Teddy” Everett, on December 15, 1999. She indicated that parenthood is great, and it keeps her very busy. Congratulations, Debbie! Elan Van Ness of Loves Park, Ill., fondly recalls her education at UVM and the time she spent in Vermont. Geoffrey Currier wrote from Holliston, Mass., that he owns a garden design and installation firm in the Boston area and would welcome communication from his old friends from Converse Hall. Dr. Richard Enemark wrote from Albany, N.Y., “I am fortunate to be the headmaster of the only successful merger of Roman Catholic and Protestant schools. Doane Stuart is a remarkable place of diversity and excellence lived daily. My family and I love life in Albany.” Richard has a daughter, Faith, and a son, Forrest, both attending Doane Stuart. He concluded his note, “We loved the weekend at UVM on October 6-8.” To everyone in our class, please send me updates so I can share them with our classmates. It is such a joy to hear from folks and know how everyone is doing these days.

Class of '79
Susan Smith is living in Lexington, Kent., with her husband, Craig, and daughter Anna. She is a silk printer and teaches a children’s program. Cynthia Carter continues to work in the field of mental health near her home in Shirley, Mass. Condoda Boyle-Kuhner wrote to share the news of her recent remarriage in October to Albert Kuhner. They have an eight-year-old son, Ethan Boyle. Condoda continues to work as a nurse practitioner in a private asthma, allergy, and immunology practice in York, Pa. Brian Chevalier is living in Lakewood, Colo., where his daughters, Elise and Anna, recently entered the third and fifth grades. Dick Madden of Belmont, Mass., is working to preserve undeveloped land west of Boston. He invites residents to network with him and begin the process of preserving a greenway in suburban Boston. Jean Frechette and husband Richard, MD ’77, are reliving their UVM experience now that their daughter, Danielle, has entered the class of 2004. Three sons and a younger daughter keep their lives busy in Peterborough, N.Y. Thanks to all of you who have written notes for this column. Have a great spring.

Class of '80
I have been working as a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at the diabetes community network at the University of Virginia Health Systems. I am close enough to visit my sister Jennifer Yonker (’79) Carey and her family, who live in Chesapeake, Va. I plan to attend the class of ’76 reunion with Dr. Kevin Hazen ’76, who is director of clinical microbiology and professor of microbiology and pathology at the University of Virginia Hospitals. Tom Beatini wrote from Hillsdale, N.J., that he is president of the New Jersey Track and Field Officials Association. Thomas Yorke was promoted to senior vice president at Refco Securities in New York. He is responsible for fixed income and FX derivatives. Gerald Bryan is director of the fundamentals of oral communication at Northern Illinois University. He is co-author of Contemporary American Speeches, which was recently published by Kendall-Hunt.81Steve L’Heureux is living in New Haven, Vt. He owns and operates The Mac Doctor, which specializes in on-site service of Apple computers. Steve enjoys spending weekends with his three sons. He sent greetings to his School of Natural Resources classmates. He would love to hear from Joan Driebeek Spasyk and Maggie Lowe. Stephanie Cole Andrus is happy to be back in Vermont. She, her husband, Bruce, and daughters Sarah and Erica now live in Norwich. Chris Zimmerman has been with Nike for the past five years and enjoying his position as general manager of Nike Golf. He frequently sees former hockey teammate, Ben Lord, who is vice president of sales at the Golf Channel. Andrea Rousseau is corporate compliance auditor at Southwest Hospitals Group in New Bedford, Mass. She would love to hear from her nuclear medicine classmates. Brian and Karen Galfetti Zecchinelli keep very busy at the Wayside Restaurant in Berlin, Vt. Their sons, Nicholas and JP, both attend Berlin Elementary School, Karen’s alma mater. Elizabeth Nelson Egan recently moved to Harvard, Mass., with her husband, Rob, and daughters Emily and Mary. Last year, Jeffrey Milem of Hyattsville, Md., was promoted to associate professor with tenure in the College of Education at the University of Maryland. Sarah Wipfler Pictor of East Aurora, N.Y., teaches at D’Youville College in the Buffalo area. Candace Davidson Boudreau moved to Rockton, Ill., with her husband and daughters Alexis and Gwendolyn. David Grossbaum lives in Dover, Mass., with his wife, Debra, and their children, Rachel, Jacob, and twins Talia and Sophie. He is a partner in the Boston law firm of Cetrulo & Capone, LLP. Joseph and Julie Epstein (’82) Zabar moved to New York City last August. Their son, Brian, is in kindergarten. Thomas Nuccio has lived in Nashville, Tenn., since 1991. He is director of music performance identification for Broadcast Music, Inc. He and his wife, Suzanne, were married in Nashville on July 22, 2000, and Bob Ellis ’80 was a groomsman.

Class of '82
Fred Calatayud married Sarah Montgomery ’90 in 1998. Fred is currently the director of healthcare systems for the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Nation. Sarah is the QI manager for the Community Health Network. They and their cat, Samuel, make their home in East Haddam, Conn. Marcia Leous reported that she and her husband welcomed their third child, Elizabeth Rose Murphy, last January 23. Elizabeth has two older siblings: Daniel and Julia. Paul teaches European history at the University of San Francisco, while Marcia attempts to hold down the fort. Alicia Marie Good, Nancy Battey, Julie Jones, Bonnie Oulette Niles, Peg Bolton Crissman, and Joyce Bates ’83 celebrated their 40th birthdays at Smoky Mountain National Park last October. What a great way to celebrate your birthday! Elizabeth Seabury lives in Concord, Mass., with her husband, Tom Ryde, and daughters Hannah and Isabel. Valerie Jones Simson is enjoying her time at home in Needham, Mass., with her sons, Chip, Will, and Teddy. She says it is a welcome change after a tough career selling bonds. Kathleen Allard Whelan reported that she is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of her three children, Anna, Michelle, and Steve. She recently published a book, Grief Songs, containing letters, poems, and stories about families whose babies died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Class of '83
Clarissa Butler Simone lives in Westfield, Mass., with her husband, Doug, daughter Bailey, and son Chase. In 1999, they spent three weeks traveling around Alaska, camping and enjoying the outdoors. They enjoyed it so much that they returned this year for a cruise. Clarissa and Doug also visited the Costa Rican rain forests for a week in the spring and marveled at the amazing birds and wildlife. Craig Chappelow has been appointed visiting professor of leadership studies at Wake Forest University. At the end of the academic year, he will return to his former position with the Center for Creative Leadership. David Daignault and Posie Morgan ’87 were married in April 1996, and they welcomed Max on March 3, 2000. Ann Dumaresq has happily returned to Vermont after more than 10 years of directing performing arts programs and facilities for Harvard University and other institutions. She currently is the planning administrator for the Gateway project at UVM. Jeanette Ford Mitchell spent seven years in the Army. She resigned as a captain to pursue a career and raise her children, Bill and Jennifer. She was the director of national accounts for APS until 1999, and she currently lives in San Jose, Calif., with her husband and children. Annette Headley is a dermatologist in Mystic, Conn., where she lives with her husband, Bob, and daughters Katie and Sarah. Blaire MacKenzie Van Brunt stays busy with her husband, Brad, and children Nina, Bradlee, and Gracie as well as a dog, cat, goat, chickens, and gardens. She coaches Nina’s lacrosse team and has started a business (www.chakra-tees.com). Maggie McGinn Gibson sent greetings from Wilson, Wyo., to all Air Bears and encourages them to come and ski. Mark Rackliffe lives in Fishers, Ind., and misses Burlington. He has many great memories of his years at UVM.

Class of '84
Thanks to all of you who have written to me. It’s great to hear from everyone. Vicki Smith Long wrote from Blacksburg, Va., where she lives with her husband and three boys. Vicki received her MS degree in chemistry and is teaching a class a semester in the chemistry department at Virginia Tech. She wrote, “That’s plenty given three boys!” Katie Lonergan Brandeis is trying to locate Jane Krug in order to plan a 20th reunion of their year in Nice. Dr. Laurie Dietzel is a clinical neuropsychologist in Washington, D.C. She married Claude Allen in April 1999. John Sama, Beth Abruscato Hotchkiss, and Becky Bashaw (’85) Toland attended. Laurie and her husband have a daughter, Emma Dietzel Allen, who was born on November 27th, 2000. All three are doing well and want to say hi to old friends from UVM. Maggie Railsback and her son Adam are in Thailand where Maggie took a teaching job for a year. Victoria Schrager is doing well. She wrote, “I’m living in New Jersey and traveling the U.S. for my work as a systems trainer and inventory process specialist. I visited Chris and Marc Hartstein in Baltimore last summer just after the birth of their little girl, Hannah, and bumped into Jen Brannon at Newark Airport on our way to Atlanta — a great and warm surprise.” Elizabeth Ewing Peifer is heading into her 12th income tax season as an accountant with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. She noted, “I work part-time so I have more time for my children, Emma and Janet. My husband Alan continues to farm with his brother.” Dave and Heidi Nelson say hi from Ipswich, Mass., where they live with their son Benjamin and daughter Heather. Dave is a computer systems engineer. Heidi plays on a tennis team for the Manchester Athletic Club. Chris Cornetta and his wife, Anne, welcomed their fourth child on October 17, 2000. Paige joins her three brothers. Mary Diggins McHale and her husband Joe have a new son, named Daniel. Sophy Carr Chaffe is a freelance writer in San Diego, where she lives with her husband, Jim Hebert, and young daughter, Audrey. Lori Rosenblatt Baur recently moved up to Santa Barbara, Calif. She’s getting many visitors to this vacation spot. Marcia Durham Weger wrote, “I am still living in Baton Rouge with my husband and three daughters. We come to Vermont once a year to visit family. We both ran the Vermont City Marathon last May.” Michael Eufemio is now living in the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania with his wife, Kassie, and their children Conor and Emily. Michael is the chief of urology at Pocono Medical Center. I hope this finds everyone enjoying 2001.

Class of '85
Reunion is almost upon us, so make your reservations if you haven’t already done so. This reunion is a chance to catch up with old friends and also to see what is new at UVM. Thank you to everyone who wrote in. Please keep the mail coming. Jane Carter Robbins wrote to say that she was married in May 2000 and that Julie Creed ’86, Keri Wolfson (’86) Craft, Mary Gage-Los ’86, Storm (’86) and Jerry McGuire ’84, Sarah Whitney, Lisa Kingston, Willie Yandow, and Laurie Chambers (’93) Fredette were all in attendance on her special day. Jane and husband Zeb live in Duxbury, Mass. Jane is an account executive for Promo Edge, a printing and promotional company headquartered in Wisconsin. An old Coolidge dorm mate, Mary Cushman, MD, MSc, told me that she enjoys being on the faculty as a hematologist at UVM’s College of Medicine. Mary’s life is very busy, starting with her four-year-old daughter Elizabeth and husband Bill Pendlebury, MD ’76, who does research to study risk factors for vascular diseases. Mary and her family live in Shelburne, Vt. Jeffrey Morin and Wendy James, MD ’87, moved back to Burlington in January 2001 with their daughter, Kathryn. They hope to catch up with old friends. Jamie Wechsler Fenster, husband Ken, and daughter, Emilee, moved to Weston, Fla., last August. She is excited to be near their families but misses Boston and great friends, like Linda Brown Donovan, Beth Walker Mecke, Jill Soltys Schildkamp, Patty Deluca Burke, and their families. Marc and Christine Pizzo (’86) Hartstein welcomed their third child, a daughter, Hannah Leah. Hannah joins brothers Joey and Luke. Marc is a health insurance analyst with Medicare, and Chris volunteers in the boys’ school and raises the three kids. Joanne Frechette Valledor moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, with her family in July 1999. She teaches 4th grade. In May 2000, her family welcomed a daughter, Alyssa Marie, who joins older sister Amanda and brothers Christian and Nicholas. Anne Corey Atkins, who lives in Northfield, Mass., sent a special hello to swimming teammates Holly, Katie, Laurie, Calla, Tracy, Winnie, and Sue. See you all at Reunion.

Class of '86
We are getting closer to our 15th reunion on May 31-June 3, 2001. Although it is our true 15th reunion, we will also be sharing the celebration with the classes of 1985 and 1987, allowing us to see many familiar faces. Make sure you reserve your spot for all the festivities. Mike Spencer wrote to say that he and his wife, Tracie, welcomed their second daughter, Kelsey Joan, on November 4, 2000. Tracie was attended to by anesthesiologist Matt Wolkins ’83. The Spencers enjoy living in Alexandria, Va. Eric Larson and his wife, Jill, announced the birth of their second child, James Michael, born October 29, 2000. Susan Patenaude Pollard recently changed jobs and is now working as a clinical case manager. Her four-year-old daughter Courtney, keeps her family busy. Susan added that she is looking forward to our reunion. Keith Hanssen is enjoying life at Possum Kingdom Lake, Tex., with his growing family, Eva and Faith.

Class of '87
Hi, everyone! By the time you read this column, our eagerly anticipated reunion will be just around the corner. I hope that everyone is planning to attend. Bring the family, come with friends…but just come…it will definitely be more fun with all of us there. Just in time for reunion, I have heard from some “lost” classmates. Sue Noonberg Dorsey let me know that her parents contacted her after reading in this column that Eileen LaRochelle was looking for her and Lori Rathe (something she said she missed). She is happy to report that she is living in Evergreen, Colo., with her husband, Greg, whom she met while in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. They have two children, a daughter Carley Rose and son Griffin. Sue helps run a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance to women and their families in Guatemala and Vietnam, and she looks forward to catching up with Eileen. Kathleen Collins Woodward is looking for Tracy Leeber so that they can reconnect. She and her husband, Tim, have two children: daughter Caroline, who will be three in May, and Kristina, who was born in June 2000. They enjoy living in Hanson, Mass., where Kathleen is a second grade teacher. Congratulations to Mia McLean Hitchcock and her husband, Kent, on the birth of their third son Jack, born November 27, 2000. As usual, although she has her hands full, Mia is handling it all in stride. Pieter Versweyveld and his wife, Maria, are also the proud new parents of Trevor Charles, born on August 3rd. Mary Gallagher Laudenslager is currently a vice president and controller with Olin Corporation, living in Ridgefield, Conn. At the time of her letter, she was expecting the arrival of her first child in the New Year. Mary, please give us an update for a future issue. Peter Hollington also wrote that he is currently a construction manager for the federal government, currently working on the new Cleveland Court House, a huge project. He and his wife, Marne, welcomed a baby boy, Peter Jr., in February 2000, and they are living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Nancy Apgar Olson is teaching at Brattleboro High School and working as a mentoring program developer for the Teacher Quality Enhancement Project in Vermont. Bill Sugarman is living in Tunbridge, Vt., with his children Caleb and Emma. He is the cooperative education coordinator at the Randolph Area Vocational Center. He was a recipient of UVM’s Outstanding Teacher Award. Jon Schner has been head of sports medicine at Greensboro Day School in Greensboro, N.C., for the past ten years. He also has served as head of physical education for the past four years. Jon and his wife, Aggie, and their sons, Zachary and Adam, are living happily in North Carolina. Kim Gerson Sillcox and her husband, Scott, welcomed a new daughter, Carly Olivia, into the world on January 15, 2001. The family makes their home in Aurora, Ontario. John Chappelow has enjoyed following UVM hockey via the Internet from his home in Alaska. William Gage wrote that more than 20 of his Delta Psi brothers attended the annual “trip to the middle of nowhere” in Big Sky, Mont.

Class of '88
Keith Sproule rallied a few UVM friends (Denise Owens, Joe Nugent, and Jennifer Jewiss) to visit him in Cairo and join him for a New Year’s bash in the middle of the Sinai. They all enjoyed camel trekking with Bedouin friends, hiking up Mount Sinai, and sleeping in tents in the desert, with a bonfire and the roasting a couple of goats as part of the festivities. To round out the adventure, they went snorkeling on the Red Sea and explored the archaeological wonders in Jordan. Jennifer Hanrahan Terrazzino and her husband, Ken, live in Swanzey, N.H., with their daughters, Hannah and Jaime. Jennifer wonders if there are any physical therapy classmates in the area. Megan O’Leary Ruppenicker and her husband, Hary, live in Westbrook, Conn., with their children, Hary III and Sarah Ellen. Megan works as an RN-clinical teacher on the Hartford Hospital labor and delivery unit. Charles and Sherin Knowles Spofford live in Concord, Mass. with son, Knowles, and daughter, Heather. The Spoffords spoke with Peter Plumb, who reported the birth of his second child, a son, Andrew. Michael Cundari and his wife, Alison, of Hingham, Mass., welcomed their third child, Francis Bradford, on March 25, 2000. Alma Ripps was married in a park on the water in Maryland with Pam Engleson, Lisa Peskin Sausville, and Dave Sausville ‘89 in attendance. Alma works in the legislative affairs office at the National Park Service. Diane Dequasie Noury has lived in Rhode Island for the past nine years. She visits Burlington yearly to see Sarah Shepherd ’89. Kimberly Wilson Murchie has been involved at the Westminster, Mass., emergency department for the past year and loves it. She and her husband, Brian, have three children, who keep them very busy. Erick Friedfeld, wife Maggie, daughter Hallie, and son Aiden relocated to Providence, R.I. and would love to
see classmates in the area. Sarah Waldman Blecherman, MD, a practicing pediatrician in northern New Jersey, and her husband, Barry, have a new son, Joshua Ari, who was born on July 14, 2000. They also have two daughters, Shayna and Mira. The Blechermans were recently visited by good friends Larry and Mary Cate Kennedy Devey and their three children as well as Bonnie Vance and her husband, Dana Belisle, and their three children, and Maria Pettway.

Class of '89
Hi, everyone. Great to hear from so many of you, mostly via email which is a great way to keep in touch. Congratulations to Lauren Wolfert, who married Paul Doherty in November. She lives in Brookline, Mass., and works as a dietician at the Harvard School of Public Health. She keeps in touch with roommates Lana Olson McAuliffe and Kathy Knisely Wood. Stephanie Sadwin Masiello and her husband, Tom, live in Wellesley, Mass. Stephanie is in-house counsel for an international health care company. She lives in Wellesley, Mass. Michael Cross is “alive and well” and lives in Groveland, Mass., with his wife and two sons. He works for Biogen. Scott Gaynor and wife Lauren live in New York City. They recently welcomed their second child, Dylan Jacob. Lisa Bulman Mullen and husband, Rich, of Delray Beach, Fla., welcomed a new daughter in December 1999. Lisa works on two Internet projects dealing with educational resources and camps and travel for children. Apologies to Susan Niscosia Brennan for the delay in getting her news in this column. She and her husband, Robert, welcomed their second daughter, Caroline, last June. Jennifer Shriver Lang lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, with her husband, Tim, and children Emily, Stephen, and Owen. She works for Genre Corporation as a professional liability insurance underwriter. The Langs live eight houses away from Paul Tulikangas, his wife, Michelle, and their daughter, Christine. Laurie Fleck Rozendaal and husband Scott live in Arvada, Colo., with their children, Alyssa, Justin, and Jonathan. Weekends, Laurie is a physical therapist at a trauma center in Denver. Andrew Overfield completed his master’s degree in international studies at Ohio University. He and his wife, Paula Hinz, and their three children, Cornell, Libby, and Marian, moved to Botswana in January. Andrew will be conducting his in-country training to become a sub-Saharan African foreign area officer for the Army. Ethan Meginnes is retired and living in Seattle. He co-manages and rides for Broadmark Capital cycling team, which competes on a national level. Dan Levison lives in Boulder, Colo., with his wife, Susan. He does marketing for a large tape back up company. Dan loves to rock climb, and he has scaled El Capitan in Yosemite and the northeast face of Longs Peak (Diamond Face) in Colorado. Lilly Mennitt married Charles Park Talbert in September 2000. UVMers at the wedding included Laura Channing Baecher ’90, Patricia Borgos, Don and Betsey Green Dempsey, and Anita Davis Gokey ’88. Lilly lives in Cabot, Vt., where she is renovating their 130-year-old farmhouse and managing Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s capital campaign. It was great to hear from Chris Maxcy, who married Daniele Levy in June 2000. They had two wedding receptions, one in Boston, Chris’s hometown, and one in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Daniele’s hometown. Celebrating with them were Brad Turner, Barb Doty-Gurican, Ellery Stokes-Malkin, and Beth Nakayama ’90. Chris and Daniele are now living in San Francisco, where Chris works for Yahoo. Congratulations to Christine Striano Arella and her husband, Bruce, who welcomed a son, Brian, in November, and to Pecka Sue Mooney Noonan and husband, Michael, who welcomed a son, Jeffrey, also in November. Hope Spring is in full fling wherever you are. Keep in touch. Thanks again for all the news.

Class of '90
Hello from beautiful Chester County, Pa., where it doesn’t snow nearly enough. It’s always great to hear from classmates. Leslie Poitras Tenhope and her husband, Paul, happily announced the birth of their daughter, Kiely Alexis, on April 6, 2000. They are living in Beverly, Mass., where Leslie is a human resources specialist at Darwin Partners. Dwight DeCoster and his wife, Nancy, have been blessed with a second son, Kyle Ashley, born July 26, 1999. Dwight is looking forward to playing golf with Scott Deluca ’89, Ed Herdiech, and Matt Cederhorn in early June. He also recently finished three years of company command time in the Vermont National Guard. Chrissy Rieth McGowan and husband Mark happily announced the birth of their third child, Gregory, on February 5, 2000. He joins his brother, Chris, and sister Madeline. Scott Martin ran into Jim Kobol during reunion weekend. He is a successful corporate real estate broker in Atlanta, Ga., but he misses Burlington. He sent a big hello to his old rugby buddies. Amanda Costin graduated in May 2000 with a PhD in counseling and human development services from Kent State University. Eleanor Larm Radius lives in Albuquerque, N.Mex. She works for Intel Corporation. Eleanor married David Radius on May 17, 1997. They were overjoyed to announce the birth of their son Kai Devon Radius, on September 9, 1999, Eleanor’s 31st birthday. On November 5, 2000, Richard Reif, wife Karen, and son William welcomed Julia Mildred as the newest member of their family. They make their home in West Orange, N.J. Robert Rosen finished his tenure at the White House on January 20. He served as assistant to the President and director of the Office of Advance since 1997. Last year was particularly special because he had the opportunity to travel with the President to India, Nigeria, and Vietnam. Rob will stay in Washington, working as a consultant. Michelle Gray joined the office of Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman in Burlington, Vt., as a rental specialist. Marie Kuhn Whybank and her husband, Matt, welcomed the birth of their twin daughters, Betsy and Sara, in June 2000. Congratulations! Amy Dietrich Russel and her husband, Kenneth, are now a family of three. Cooper was born April 16, 2000. They are all well and would love to see old friends soon. Richard First is still living in Vermont. He went to Todd Sarandos’s wedding last May and Colin McNulty’s wedding last August. Rebecca Adams has been practicing law in Connecticut and Massachusetts. She recently became a partner in her firm. Rebecca also volunteers with Lawyers for Children. Laura Vallean Kellogg Slesar wrote that she is still living in Burlington. She, along with her husband, Chris, and daughter Clara live on the campus of Rock Point School, where Laura has been working for the past nine years. Will and Jennifer (’88) Truslow live in Brookline, Mass., with their daughter, Olivia. Jennifer works for the Newton Public Schools as an inclusion facilitator. Will is an architect with Ann Beha Associates. They were happy to have fellow UVMers Mile and Jessica (’95) Chase move downstairs from them last Spring. Scott Martin wrote, “GO, CATS, GO!” Emily Briggs Kelter and her husband, Patrick, are enjoying Charlotte, N.C. Emily is lucky enough to be a stay-home mom for their daughter, Kelsey. David Munford was happy that he recently returned to UVM as one of the outstanding teachers of the year. He thanked his mentors at Wheeler House, especially Jim Overfield. Gina Serra Boutwell and husband Bryan welcomed a daughter on March 18, 2000. They wrote, “Claudia Margaret is just perfect.”

Class of '91
Tim Cohen and his wife, Christina, of Boston proudly announced the birth of their daughter, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, on July 11, 2000. Yvette Vezina-LaCour and her husband, Greg, welcomed a new son, Matthew Gregory, into the family on August 10, 2000. Matthew joins his siblings, Patrick and Theresa, in the family’s home in Metarie, La.

Class of '92
Hi, alumni from ’92! I am very sorry to report that recently, on my commuter train in England, my computer bag disappeared. All of the information I had received from you all was stored on that computer, and, much to my chagrin, not backed up at my office. I am so sorry, but if you could resend any information that you don’t see in this column, I will get it into the next issue. I hope your Spring 2001 is starting off well. Please send any updates, changes, status quo to me for the next issue. Kaaren Sprague Meyer and her husband, John, of Morrisville, Vt., welcomed their son, Jack, into the world on July 27, 2000. The family is doing well. Suzanne Monte joined the Burlington, Vt., law firm Downs Rachlin & Martin as an associate practicing in the area of corporate and commercial law. Suzanne lives in Waitsfield, Vt. Corrie and Lisa Corbin Sweet wrote of the birth of their son, Andrew Corbin, on February 18, 2000. They recently moved to East Fairfield, Vt., after having spent the last eight years in New York City. They would love to hear from friends in the area. Frederick Anderson married Sara Hammond on September 22, 2000.

Class of '93
John Werner continues to practice pediatric anesthesia, and loves working with children. He took last summer off to coach the U.S. National Rowing Team at the world championships in Zagreb, Croatia. He is now back in Atlanta, working at the hospital and coaching the Emory University crew club. He would love to see UVM friends when they are in the area. Kristin Mitchell recently moved to Pittsburgh to attend Duquesne University for a master’s degree in conflict resolution and peace studies. Melanie LeMoyne Edwards and husband Mark Furr ’92 had an exciting trip to Thailand and Malaysia last summer. They visited Jennifer Shue, who works at a resort in Phuket, Thailand, leading outdoor climbing and ropes activities. Jessica Atkins practices corporate law in New York City with Shulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Nicole Duval Fortier of Hartland, Vt., is a stay-at-home mom for her daughter, Emily. She sees Alysia Krasnow, a UVM trustee who lives in Pepperell, Mass.

Class of '94
Sara Golier and Doug Schneider were married on September 9, 2000, in Connecticut. Their wedding party included Justin Rumack, Matt Rossi ’95, Karen Spach, and Amy Withers ’95. Also in attendance were Zak Pelaccio ’95, Scott Homsted, Seth Ketchum, Drew Larsen ’93 (Karen’s husband), and Shannon Crawford. The Schneiders continue to live in New York City. Other Uvmers trying the knot last year were Matt and Chrissy Palmer Davis. They were married in Harwich, Mass., and Judy Aber, Toby Alexander ’93, Dan Macke, and Greg Coolidge were all part of the wedding party. Other alumni taking part in the festivities were Jeff Moreland ’93, Brad Hudson ’93, Kurt Anderson, Becca Lindsay, Erica Lombard, Jen Seward, Jenni Johnson, and Mollie Munroe. Chrissy gave updates on a few of her friends who were there: Erica recently had her second adorable son; Jen is a new mom; and both Jenni and Mollie are engaged. Plan to hear more about their weddings in future issues. Doug Michlovitz was married to Nanci Siciliano of Stamford, Conn., last June. He teaches physical education at Hawley Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. I was very happy to hear from Jenny Terrien, who filled me in on her whereabouts since our mutual biology lab at UVM. She moved to Holland for a few months after graduation before returning to Burlington for nearly two years, working for Abbott Labs. That job took her to Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (if only we had lived there at the same time). She returned to Vermont to work for Pfizer, then moved to Manhattan, where she remained for nearly two years before moving to San Diego. In New York, she lived around the corner from Rob Balazy and Alessandro Valderama, and she still keeps in touch with Alex Saltzmann ‘92 and Leila Ladjevardi ’91. As for other UVMers, she also saw Katie Arnold at her cousin Paige Terrien’s wedding, and she reported that her sister, Gretchen Terrien ’93, just married Craig Gaffin ’93. Lisa Ferland Schmitt graduated from Clark University with her MBA last December. With her new degree, she decided to leave her project management position at ENSR International, an environmental consulting and engineering firm, to pursue a career in non-profit management. Since graduation, she has accepted a fundraising and development position with East End house, a non-profit community center in East Cambridge, Mass. The center has served low income families for more than 125 years, providing programs for children, teens, and seniors as well as an emergency food pantry. Lisa lives in Bolton, Mass., with her husband, Kevin Schmitt, and their Samoyeds Mika and Yukon. Kim Steckler lives in Manhattan and is an executive producer for J. Walter Thompson’s Digital Group. She keeps in touch with Patrick Reed ’93 and Barb Pfaeffle. Kim would have been a bridesmaid at Barb’s wedding to Robert Hunt had bad weather not intervened and caused her flight to be cancelled. She did get together with them in New York City for a weekend last December. Matthew Wilk is engaged to marry Heather Rowe, and they are planning a spring wedding in Connecticut. Many UVMers will be in attendance, and more details will follow in a future issue. Jason Dee graduated from Boston University’s Graduate School of Management with an MBA in general management and an MS in management information systems last May. He started working for AMS last July after taking a three-week trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Christine Trowbridge has been an historic tradeswoman at Colonial Williamsburg for the past six years. She is married and has three stepsons. She wrote, “This time of year, I yearn for the beauty of UVM and Lake Champlain.” Last October I attended the wedding of Susan Dodge and Rodd Casper in Providence, R.I. They met in North Carolina, where they both were enrolled in Duke’s physician assistant program. Susan’s sister, Robin Dodge Staley ’90 was matron of honor; Melissa Gregory was a bridesmaid, and Maura Mahoney was a soloist in the ceremony. Erin Gurry, Beth McDermott, Lauren Fish McLellan, Castle Youngman, Holly Mason Macy, and Tracy Thomas were also in attendance, and a fabulous time was definitely had by all. Sean Fahey earned a doctoral degree in engineering mechanics from Virginia Tech. He is now a project manager with CSA Engineering, Inc., of Mountain View, Calif. Joanne Cournoyer of Nantucket, Mass., travels around the country working for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. She was recently a national finalist in the 24 Hour Fitness Centers’ In-Club Challenge, which benefited Special Olympics.

Class of '95
Congratulations to Rob Dangel and Bridget O’Connell ’96, who were married in May and spent their honeymoon in Hawaii. Phil Georgatos, Scott Nestor and Todd Shapiro were groomsmen. Guests included Mike ’94 and Jennifer Russ (’97) Bellizzi ’94, Darren Berman, Kate Clark, Sara Gasteazoro ’96, Shayna Goldfarb ’96, John Gorman, Justin Grey, Adam and Lee Hannauer Gross, Andi Lemmon, Greg Mokotoff, Kristen Nestor ’97, Daphne Nolan ’96, and Noah Sternchos ’94. The couple recently purchased a new home in Ashland, Mass. Bryant Anderson and Jill Michlontz ’97 are married and living in New Hampshire. Bryant is a civil engineer, and Jill is a physical therapist. Vicki Morey Ward lives in Wallingford, Vt., with her daughter, Carly, and son Ryan. She is president-elect of the Vermont
Dental Hygienists’ Association. Sarah Danielson was married to Steven Peake ’94 on August 12, 2000, in Easton, Mass. Robert Emerson was best man, and James Peake ’67 is the father of the groom. Steve and Sarah enjoyed a honeymoon in Italy. Keith Festa and Nancy Ghabai were married in New York City last June. Heather O’Malley Nester was a bridesmaid, and John Miyamoto and Afi Ahmadi ’93 were ushers. Other UVMers in attendance included Heather Whitley White, Corey White and Martti Matheson. Nancy practices law with Berman, DeValerio & Pease, and Keith is an account executive with the Boston Interconnect. Ryan Clinton married Laura Latta in Cavendish, Vt., in July 2000. Groomsmen included Blake Latta, Peter Keith and Matthew Gorman. In attendance were Lisa Kiniry, Jamie Hosker, Kelli Shonter, Chris Ford, Matthew Losse, Joe Nastro, Randi Itinkelman, Ann-Marie Vannucci, Michael Sheehan, Holly Elmes ’96, Ted Butler, Tim Abrahamsen, and your class secretary. Chris Ford is living in Somerville, Mass., and he encourages UVM friends to look him up when they are in the area. Jennifer Nelson-Espinosa married her husband, OJ, on August 12, 2000, at her parents’ home in New Vernon, N.J. Members of the wedding party included Finola O’Sullivan, who lives in Rochester, Minn., and Jennifer’s brother, Christopher, and his wife, Shannon ’95, who now make their home in Riex, Switzerland. Also in attendance were Doug Nelson and Dr. Terence and Jacqueline Hussey Fitzgerald. Jennifer is assistant manager of university relations for Nabisco, Inc. Her husband, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, is now a quality systems specialist at Nabisco. They live in Basking Ridge, N.J.

Class of '96
Hi, everyone. Here’s the latest in this issue of “bride magazine.” Just kidding, but with all the weddings listed here, it would be easy to make such a mistake. Congratulations to all! Jody Utton and Michael Burns ’94 were married on October 21, 2000, in Burlington, Vt., and their reception was held at the Burlington Country Club. UVMers in attendance were bridesmaid Karen Pond, who traveled all the way from San Diego for the special day, groomsmen John Charron and Joel Zubkoff, and best man Peter Burns. Mike Budd and Lisa Roak were married in Maine on June 17, 2000. UVMers in the wedding party included bridesmaids Martina Moylan and Leonor “Salsa” Garcia, and groomsmen Paul Geib, Jon Marshall, Justin Fulweiler, Andrew Thompson, and Sage Laundon. Other UVMers in attendance were Dave Anderson, Chip Burkhalter, Cybil Ciavarra, Dan Forman, Amy Frankel, Steve Gerenscer, Rick Gherst, Julie Gutroff, Chris Hadley, Chris Hicks, Sara Hutchinson, Phil Lynch, Sara Mahoney, Cooper Malozzi, Kimberly McCleary, Andrew and Shelby Thompson, and Susan Whalen. Mike and Lisa traveled around the world for a year after graduation and have now settled in Boston. They’re looking forward to our 5th reunion, as I hope you all are. (Look for details on uvm96.com.) Melissa Rathburn, who is living in Medford, Mass., wrote to share news about other classmates: Catherine “Cathy” Little is living in Montpelier, Vt., and engaged to marry Jim Casey. Their wedding is planned for September 29, 2001. Dana Rous, who is living with Melissa, received her master’s degree in social work from Simmons College last May. She is currently at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Boston. Steve Gauck is engaged to Lala Sarkees and is living and working in Washington, D.C., as a police officer. He and his fiancée plan to attend our 5th reunion. Nicholas and Amy Underwood Baker bought their first home in Chester, Vt., last July, and they spent the summer and fall making it their own. Amy has been working as an early interventionist through the Family, Infant, and Toddler Project of Vermont at the Springfield Area Parent Child Center, and she has started graduate school in communication disorders. She would love to hear from other early childhood graduates from ’96. Jill Cohen married Richard Gent on October 28, 2000. UVMers in attendance included her mom Carol Murray Cohen ’64; dad Lawrence Cohen ’63; brothers Jeffrey ’90 and Timothy ’91, who also served as groomsmen; best man John Flint; groomsmen Jonathan Alden and Dana Niles; and guests Cheryl Cote, Minhee Choi, Barbara Mikes, Barrett Elliot, Ana Norgren, Sari Epstein ’97, Addison Stone ’97, Carrie St. Amand ’97, Ethan Escowitz ’97, and Kerri McShae ’97. Jill and Rich are living in Cleveland, Ohio. Amy L’Esperance was married to Robert Young on October 28, 2000. She recently returned to school to study library science. She is a high school librarian in Randolph, Vt. Donna Levasseur MacPherson and her husband, Corey, welcomed their daughter, Sydney Brie, on November 6, 2000. Donna wrote that Dawn Albright was married to Mike DeMan on October 21, 2000, in New Jersey. They live in Holly Springs, N.C., with their two cats and a new puppy. Donna was supposed to have been a member of the wedding party but could not due to her daughter’s impending birth. Dawn is a marketing specialist at Global Knowledge. Allison Collins has spent her summers on the rivers and her winters in the mountains of Montana. She is a disc jockey on a public radio station, and she wrote that “it’s free-form radio and super fun.” Kurt Scanio is living in New Rochelle, N.Y., and working for Intermedia/Digex Communications on Madison Avenue. He is dating Julie Coffin, who also works in Manhattan. They plan to attend our 5th reunion. Christopher Luczynski is a staff engineer at IBM. He and his wife also run a small llama and alpaca farm at their home in Jericho, Vt. Kenrick Ali wrote that, after graduation, he went directly to grad school at Northeastern University and then accepted a position as a college administrator at San Francisco State Univeristy. After two years, he decided to enter the corporate sector, and he is now a technical recruiter, still in San Francisco. He also wrote that Francine Valcour is at Arizona State University completing her doctorate degree in women’s history; Leslie Lane has remained in Boston to teach after doing her graduate work at Simmons College; Dana Kaplan was married in July 2000 in Princeton, N.J.; Krista Hasset was married in Burlington, Vt., in August 2000. Derek Fredrickson was recently promoted to assistant vice president for fixed income technology at Lehman Brothers. That’s all for now. Look forward to hearing from you.

Class of '97
Sarah Eley is currently taking the Women’s Small Business Program at Trinity and hopes to expand her current business in personal training, group exercise, and massage and open her own facility next fall. Molly Haislmaier was recently promoted to indirect sales manager for Blackfoot Communications, the only digital PCS provider in western Montana. She has created the entire marketing, sales, and contract components for this channel. Molly was heading to Key West with six other UVM alums last February. David Edson is a physical therapist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H. He misses Burlington and his college friends. David wanted to congratulate Kati and Todd Fuchsine on their new baby. Scott Gusting worked in planning and zoning for the City of Burlington during 1998 and 1999. He also bought a house last summer.

Class of '98
Wayne Stokes, MD, represented UVM at the inauguration of Bucknell University’s new president.

Class of '99
Greetings, 99ers! I do have some really exciting updates for you this time, but please keep them coming. Jill Harder is still living in Boston. She started working at Forrester Research a few months ago as a strategic growth coordinator. It’s nice to see another UVM face around the office. Kevin DuRoss is living in Michigan and teaching 8th grade U.S. history at Detroit County Day School in Beverly Hills, Mich. Lisa Ramel Bradley lives in Beverly Farms, Mass., with her husband, Julien. She is an assistant kindergarten teacher at a private school, Shore Country Day School. Emily Mary Gilert is fortunate enough to still be living in Vermont and is managing a snowboard shop at Sugarbush Resort. She is snowboarding and enjoying Vermont, as always. Emily keeps in touch with her classmates and is considering a UVM graduate program for next year. Betty Hibler moved to Kentucky to become the associate director of the new Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service at Berea College. Lindsay Truesdell also works in a higher education setting. She is working in admissions at Boston College. As we all know, there’s nothing like a college campus. Congratulations, Linda! On a very exciting note, Lyssa Sher has started a new job as a recruiting consultant at a great firm in Boston, Hollister Associates. So, if you or anyone you know is looking for a job in the Boston area, Lyssa is the woman for you. When he’s not in Jamaica or on some ski weekend getaway, you can find Chris Frier living in Boston and working at Massachusetts Financial Services. He is still hanging with the same old crew and living with the Holmes twins, Andrew and Adam. Oh, Frier! Congratulations to Patti Mahan and Ted Welsh, who recently got engaged and plan to be married on May 12, 2001. Ted is an investment associate at Scudder Kemper Investments, and Patti is a proposal writer at Putnam Investments, both in Boston. Best of luck! Quita St. John has been living in Seattle for the past year and participating in a service internship program through the University Friends (Quaker) Meeting House. She served as a community organizer with Seattle Union Now, a joint organizing project of the national AFL-CIO and the King County Labor Council. Quita continues to work as an organizer at Service Employees International Union District 925. Kristopher Davignon, MD, represented UVM at the inauguration of a new president at the College of the Holy Cross last September. From Michigan to Massachusetts to Kentucky, UVM grads are all over the place. It is great to see. I wish you all the best and really miss our times together at school.

Class of '00
Sharon Moskowitz is spending a year in Japan, working for the board of education there. She would love to hear from her UVM friends.

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