Soil pit/soil profile on Mt. Mansfield

Monitoring: Soil

The Vermont Monitoring Cooperative's soil data inventory includes data being collected from a 200-year soil study, the longest running soil mercury dataset in the country and collaborative work with the two SCAN sites in the state.

Bedrock Survey and Mapping Diane Conrad
Peter Thompson
Link to Data Available 1993-06-01 -1995-12-30
Long-term Soil Monitoring Thomas Villars
Scott Bailey
Tim Scherbatskoy
Deane Wang
Donald Ross
Sean Lawson
Nancy Burt
Sandra Wilmot
Carl Waite
Jen Wright
Link to Data Available 2002-01-01 -current
Mercury and dissolved Organic Carbon in Soil Water and Stream Water Andrea Donlon
Tim Scherbatskoy
Jamie Shanley
Data Available 1997-04-12 -1997-11-02
PIMS - Photographic Inventory Monitoring System - A monitoring protocol for measuring trail treadway impacts in the arctic-alpine zone Mark Haberle
Rick Paradis
Reports Available 1995-06-01 -1995-08-31
Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) Thomas Villars
Garry Schaefer
Tony Tolsdorf
Data Available 2000-09-13 -current
Soil Temperature Gradients in a Northern Hardwood Forest Carl Waite
Tim Scherbatskoy
Deane Wang
Miriam Pendleton
Data Available 1993-01-13 -2001-12-31

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