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Packetized Management for Electric Charge Allocation

Case #499

Enables management of electric energy from the grid, allowing charging requests to meet demands from multiple sources in an equitable way.


Jeff Frolik & Paul Hines


The increased use of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) and decentralized energy production is predicted to severely strain existing electric transmission and distribution networks at peak charging times, especially at local and neighborhood distribution stages.

Jeff Frolik and Paul Hines have invented a distributed charge management (CM) scheme to manage the allocation of electric energy to applications such as PEVs and to support emerging microgrid technologies.

The technology enables the management of electric energy from the grid in the form of power packets during discrete time intervals, allowing charging requests to be autotomized and provide energy to meet demands from multiple sources in an equitable way.


  • PEVs and vehicle charging stations
  • Support and information systems for PEVs
  • Utilities and electric transmission and distribution systems
  • Microgrids, especially ones based on renewable energy
  • Electric utility demand response programs
  • Heating and air-conditioning systems


  • Does not discriminate between entities requesting charge
  • Maintains privacy of individual electric demands
  • Easier implementation
  • More efficient than existing two-tier schemes

Patent Information:

US20150380936 A1