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Faculty mentoring winners


Office of Undergraduate Research Grants First Faculty Mentoring Awards

The Office of Undergraduate Research has announced the first two winners of its new Mentoring Award: Robert Hondal, associate professor of biochemistry and chemistry, and Denise Youngblood, professor of history.

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Simon McIntosh '17


Map to Mongolia

On the eighth day, Simon McIntosh ‘17 got off his horse and started walking. He was exploring a roadless mountain pass in the northernmost corner of Mongolia, near the border of Russia. To his east, Lake Hovsgol stretched for more than eighty miles. “Some people call it the Blue Pearl,” he says. “It’s stunning around ...

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Teaching and learning through outdoor education

“When people ask how my summer was, I stammer and inevitably turn my eyes skyward as I search for words to describe an experience that has enriched my life in more ways than I can count, let alone express in a single word.”

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Proactive Student Participates in Uniquely Interdisciplinary Research

Not everyone is able to combine nutrition with biochemistry and a desire to have a clinical research experience, but that is exactly what this student did... eventually. Hira (Biochemistry ’15) was confident from her first year on campus that getting involved in research would fit with her pre-med path. And while she had to ...

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If at first you don't succeed...

As her sophomore year came to a close, Aina felt her honors thesis research looming. As a Biology major, her options seemed limitless. She focused on medical research, as that was her intended path. Aina contacted one of her professors, however, when this did not work out, she looked around at the other resources she had. She ...

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A Passion for Art Promotes Healing in Our Community

The hard work of volunteering was nothing new to Maddie. After 36 hours of training, she worked once a week for seven months on the domestic violence hotline. Maddie utilized her crisis intervention training to connect callers with appropriate services at Women Helping Battered Women: a Burlington-based shelter (renamed Steps to ...

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Haley Wahl and Summer Averill


Paving the Way for Women in Science

As a young girl, Haley Wahl loved stargazing. She could do it for hours. When her parents got her a telescope, stargazing took on a higher level of interest, and soon studying the sky became her passion. By high school she had participated in a program that allowed her to visit the University of New Hampshire and work with an ...

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Dropping In

From internships to job opportunities to undergraduate research to study abroad, UVM’s Career+Experience Hub makes it easy for students to prepare for life after graduation.

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Riker '15 (B.A. Anthropology/Global Studies)

You may have seen Riker in his role as an AdvoCat, wearing shorts and leading tours. His record for early-season shorts wearing was this past year, when March found him strolling past my Old Mill Annex window, looking sun-kissed but shivering. He had just returned from three months abroad doing research in Argentina. He hadn’t ...

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