Walking the Talk Seminar

Wednesday April 25, 2018 – NOON

Walking the Talk 

UVM Davis Center 403


Martha and Robert Manning

Walking is the oldest form of transportation, but history can be read as a millennia-long struggle to free ourselves from the need to walk.  While all forms of mechanical transport have allowed increasing numbers of people to ride rather than walk – a choice most people have exercised when presented the option – it’s the car that has most effectively relegated walking to the back seat.  But things are changing as we rediscover the many potential benefits of walking: it stimulates our thinking, is a form of political expression, contributes to conservation and sustainability, deepens our understanding and appreciation of the world, is a means to explore spirituality, and makes us healthier and happier in the process. However, in an appropriate turn of contemporary phrase, you have to walk the talk.  Join the Mannings as they explore the history and philosophy of walking and take us with them on walks around the world.

This seminar is co-hosted by the NCST program at UVM TRC and Local Motion.

Dr. Robert Manning is Professor Emeritus at the University of Vermont where he was the Steven Rubenstein Professor of Environment and Natural Resources.  Martha Manning is an artist practicing in fiber and printmaking.

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