Votta Scholarship Award Presented to TRC Researcher

Chester HarveyThe Transportation Research Center is very happy to announce that Chester Harvey, one of our Graduate Research Assistants, is a recipient of the 2014 Thomas J. Votta Scholarship. ¬†Chester is a Master’s candidate in the Rubenstein School and is studying urban livability and active transportation to determine micro scale measures of physical street environments.

The Thomas J. Votta Scholarship was created by Charles Walker, Tom’s life partner, and family and friends following Mr. Votta’s death to honor his wish to solve environmental problems using best practices. The selection committee commented that Chester’s “blend of studies in natural resources and a project focused on transportation¬†infrastructure embody the interdisciplinary thinking that defined Tom’s approach to problems”.

Congratulations to Chester on his accomplishment and for being a part of Mr. Votta’s legacy at UVM.

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