V-TRC September 2016 Update

UPDATE (Summer 2016)

The research collaborative program chosen for funding by VTrans to start in the Fall 2016 is a funding package of $292,562 for three projects:

  • Monitoring Condition of Structural Elements during Accelerated Bridge Construction, a project lead by College of Engineering faculty Dryver Huston, Mandar Dewoolkar and Tian Xia.
  • Assessing VTrans Employee Retention, an effort organized by Transportation Research Center outreach professionals Glenn McRae and Carol Vallet and Research Faculty member Jennifer Jewiss from the Leadership & Developmental Sciences Department, College of Education and Social Services
  • Assessment of a Research Collaborative, a team effort lead by Glenn McRae at the Transportation Research Center with a VTrans staff from the Policy and Planning Division.

While UVM and VTrans have had a strong research partnership since 2008 last year the agency engaged the Transportation Research Center in a pilot effort to review and initiate new opportunities for aligning the VTrans research program work with UVM closely with the VTrans Strategic Plan. A number of new problem statements were generated through active participation of UVM faculty from multiple colleges, VTrans personnel across all departments, and representative from other state agencies. After a rigorous review process that included of VTrans leadership considering opportunities to advance their strategic goals three projects were selected and bundled into a coordinated award that will decrease administrative overhead and lead to a more coherent and effective dissemination of research results for application. The evolving partnership between VTrans and UVM is an excellent example of both the university’s service to the state, and of the innovative thinking of how to advance public good by coordinating and collaborating across sectors and organizations.

For more information on the projects see the TRC article.


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VTrans Contact: Emily Parkany, VTrans Research Program Manager, Emily.Parkany@vermont.gov

UVM Contact: Glenn McRae, Ph.D., Associate Director, UVM Transportation Research Center 802-656-1317 glenn.mcrae@uvm.edu


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