Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:


April 28

UVM Student Research Conference                                               

The UVM TRC is a sponsor to the university’ annual celebration of scholarship, creative work & innovation of UVM students across campus.  Transportation focused research at UVM is often interdisciplinary and both undergraduate and graduate students have displayed innovative and ground breaking work at the annual event.  To see past transportation presentations at the UVM SRC see http://www.uvm.edu/trc/uvm-student-research-conference-2015/



May 20

Embracing the Future of Public Transportation (So. Burlington, VT)

GMT (formerly CCTA/GMTA) is hosting a Transportation Summit focusing on the future of public transportation. The event will feature interesting breakout sessions and industry guest speakers. Please see the attached Save the Date for more details. Over the course of the next month we will be sending out a more formal invitation and details will be added to our website as planning progresses. Visit http://cctaride.org/2016Summit/ periodically for updates.

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