Longitudinal Study of Overnight Travel

Longitudinal Study of Overnight Travel

Principal Investigator: Lisa Aultman-Hall

Funding Agency: USDOT

Project Summary

This project is a portion of the Vermont UTC signature focus on tourism travel. More specifically, this project will collect a Longitudinal Study of Overnight Travel in partnership with Dr. Jeffrey LaMondia of Auburn University and Resource Systems Group Inc. The overall objective of this project is to a) define the boundaries of the temporal and geographic extent of overnight travel and b) determine patterns of overnight travel activity planning including flexibility. Within the limits of the small sample size, the project will assess whether overnight travel and overnight travel planning differ between regions. This pilot study will use on-line twice monthly surveys for one year to measure the planning time horizon/flexibility and geographic/temporal extent of overnight travel (including completed and cancelled trips) of 1 to 2 person-households with no at-home children and at least one full-time worker in 3 states.

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