Electric Vehicles and their Impact on the Electric Power Delivery System

Electric Vehicles and their Impact on the Electric Power Delivery System

Principal Investigator: Hines, Paul; Marshall, Jeff; Frolik, Jeff

Funding Agency: USDOT

Project Summary

The overall goal of this project is to eliminate technical barriers to electrified transportation by
developing empirically validated methods to quantify and mitigate the impacts of plug-in electric
vehicle (PEV) charging on the electric power distribution infrastructure. This goal is divided into
four objectives. The first two objectives are to develop data-calibrated methods to quantify the
impact of PEV charging on the expected life of underground distribution cables and transformers
in the low and medium voltage distribution systems. The third objective is to develop methods
to mitigate potential damage to infrastructure by managing electric vehicle charging. The fourth
objective is to integrate these components into a model of the total impact of high PEV penetration
on the distribution infrastructure in a neighborhood.
In order to perform the proposed calibration, the team will obtain data from a neighborhood
distribution system in the Green Mountain Power territory which has existing Smart Grid infrastructure.
These data will allow us to calibrate the transformer and cable models, which will be
subsequently combined with existing work by the PIs to develop a tool for estimating the total
impact of PEV charging on a given distribution system with known characteristics. This one-year
project will lay the foundation for future work, which we expect to fund through externally funded
research grants.

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