Transportation Air Quality Lab

Transportation Air Quality Lab

A campus research facility housing instrumentation dedicated to vehicle emissions and performance research. The TAQLab focus is collection of real-world, on-board and lab-based tailpipe emissions and engine performance data for use in the new generation of mobile source emissions models.

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Unique to this laboratory are instruments capable of collecting high temporal resolution particle number and gas-phase air toxics emission rates while vehicles operate under real-world conditions in Vermont.

Related Projects:

  • Measuring Biodiesel Emissions
  • Individual Knowledge of Tailpipe Emissions
  • Emissions & Performance of Alternative Vehicles in Northern Climates
  • Characterizing Older Driver Behavior for Traffic Simulation and Emissions Modeling

Examples of Current and Past Work:

  • Modeling particle number emissions as a function of gas emissions
  • Comparing emissions from hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles
  • Quantifying the emissions benefits of plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Modeling emissions as a function of second-by-second driver velocity and road curvature
  • Spatial analysis of emissions using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Analysis of on-board emissions testing of transit buses

Lab equipment was partially supported by the National Science Foundation grant BES 0853053.

Affiliated Faculty & Collaborators:

PartnersCollege of Engineering and Mathematical SciencesVermont Agency of Natural ResourcesVermont Agency of TransportationResources Systems Group Inc.

Contact Information: Britt Holmén
Lab phone: (802) 656-8877

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