Stability Assessment of Streambanks in Vermont

A Gund Tea with Mandar Dewoolkar
March 9th Noon to 1pm, Johnson House UVM room 101

Streambank erosion processes in Vermont were assessed at multiple scales. At the site-specific scale, we performed detailed bank erosion and slope stability computations. For this, fourteen streambanks along two waterways were studied. One cross section at each river was instrumented with water pressure transducers and tilt switches to measure changing water levels and bank activity. Data on spatial and temporal variations in bank cross sections, properties of streambank soils, and groundwater and stream levels were collected and analyzed using computer programs for evaluating bank stability. At the corridor-level, an UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System – a drone) was used to assess streambank retreats. The data from the UAS were validated using data from a terrestrial LiDAR and traditional surveying. This presentation will include representative results and discussion of advantages and limitations of the various approaches used. Dr. Dewoolkar, Professor and Chair of UVM’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, has 20 years of experience as a researcher, consultant and educator. He specializes in soil mechanics. His research involves applying physical and numerical modeling and field and laboratory testing techniques to study effects of environmental loadings on natural and human-made materials and structures and in hazard mitigation.

The Gund Institute for Environment at UVM brings scholars and leaders together to accelerate research, uncover solutions and tackle the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Gund sponsored research targets the UN Sustainability Goals, adopted by 193 nations worldwide. That ensures our efforts are important – globally and here in Vermont. Our scholars tackle critical environmental challenges, and work to apply research solutions – locally, regionally, and nationally. Future Gund Tea presentations include:
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