Sarah E Howerter

Sarah E Howerter

Graduate Research Assistant

The University of Vermont
Transportation Research Center
210 Colchester Ave
Burlington, VT 05405

Phone: 912-660-4321

Sarah’s path to engineering and transportation is far from common. She completed her undergraduate degree in 2011 at the Savannah College of Art & Design, earning a B.F.A. in Printmaking. Two years later, she started back at the City College of San Francisco inspired by her interest in systems and astronomy to take a physics course.
Before she moved to Vermont with her parter, a South Burlington native, her interest in transportation engineering made the TRC an exciting reason to pursue her Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UVM. 
She is currently working with Lisa Aultman-Hall on a long-distance travel research project, analyzing pilot survey data to find a correlation between respondents geographic social network extent and their long-distance travel patterns.
Sarah is also an avid mountain biker, road cyclist and life-long bike commuter, loves being outside, and is thoroughly enjoying being so near the Green Mountains.


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